#PoetryWeek – poet Natasha Head

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It’s All Poetry

I wake to a morning alive with poetry.

To those with eyes to see, they know what I speak of. It’s about much more than simple words.

It’s the red of the rising sun against the smoldering clouds of a passing storm on the heels of dawn breaking. It’s the horrid, scratching, call of the raven leaving goosebumps trailing down my spine. It’s the feeling that settles over me as I take a smoke break pondering a Dali print and feeling my afternoon slip into evening.

“Poetry” is the call to respond to that inspiration in whatever medium overtakes you. It is the desire to capture a moment you never want to forget. It is a pain so bitter, the only road to healing is found through expression. It is a love so strong you can feel yourself slipping away on a sea of rainbows and butterflies, (whoops…should leave my sarcasm behind!)

Whether you express it with a pen, a paintbrush, a glue gun or a crayon…to me…poetry is the call to create, and the time has never been more ripe for us to do just that.

The digital era has invited many new areas for the creative to explore. Smartphones are eating their memory at the speed of light as each new photographer, poet, painter, takes their skills on the road. Never has been capturing a moment and bringing our expression forth been easier. Now, we really can reach an audience, and each other.

I watch on a daily basis, relationships grow, expire, die; as even our creativity learns to manage our ever pressing need for instant gratification. I see communities rise and falter, then shrivel up and fade away, buried under egos, competition, envy, or that ever rotten stench of exclusion.

The traits of human nature that can hurt so bad, are the very traits that birth some of the best art, sadly…the same traits that will keep many from even entering the arena.

The opportunities for promoting and sharing our work have never been so abundant, but I have also discovered that awful defeatist attitude seems to grow stronger every day. It’s sad to see that even our artistic communities cannot escape the ugliness of our operating systems.

The “ME” generation is alive and well. We are pitted against each other by the powers that be. Divided and separated by labels and status, mocked because our values do not mesh with another.

  • Published vs.blogger
  • Independent vs. publisher
  • Signed vs. unsigned
  • Desiring an income against the starving artist route of suffering
  • Giving away our work, our blood, sweat and tears, because we’ve been convinced by the systems that we have to, as though the hours we have invested are somehow worth less than the hours worked by another in a more “appropriate” field.

Hubby…please forgive me…but I’m about to drop a confession…

I will keep us broke supporting the arts.

My bookshelves are overflowing with work by amazing authors and poets…many who I also get to call friend. My most recent work can be found in the brilliant release from Emmett Wheatfall, “Bread Widow”. I have looked up to Emmett, his poetic voice, since I first ventured into these waters, and never imagined I would be given the honor of writing a forward for one of his collections. This happened, for real! All because I reached out, connected, supported, and shared. The lessons I have taken from my fellow poets have been amazing, the opportunities even more so.

My windows in my new home are alive with color. Beautifully crafted stained glass pieces that moved across country with me, from the wonderful Angie Chase, of Gothic Glass. Though we lived only a few hours apart, I found and fell in love with her amazing creations through the twitterverse.

My walls proudly display photography and art from familiar names such as Peter Wilkin, Jack Varnell AKA The Emotional Orphan, my most favorite t-shirt features the face of none other than a young #njpoet Charles Bivona, who is on his way to starting his own publishing house with the help and support of his social networking community.

There are so many ways we can give back to the communities that give us so much. When funds are running low, I go into sharing overload…and have no doubt gotten on the nerves of more than one reader…but it is just too easy not to do.

The real poetry is the inspiration…right back to the beginning…be it a piece of jewelry, a stained glass all seeing eye, a song…it’s all poetry!

I believe we can come together, and bring the arts once again to the forefront. I believe it is the artists, poets, who are going to be the ones to wake up the masses. God knows, the wars haven’t been working.

We need to come together, stand up for ourselves, our work, and not be manipulated by those seeking only to take advantage. Our time, our efforts, matter…we make a difference every single day. It’s not about letting go…it’s about taking it back.

And when you find that flow, that poetry…magic starts to happen. I’ve been honored to be included in a wonderful opportunity to take our work to the airwaves through The Nexus Café by The Creative Nexus. When I first met Roger Allen Baut, AKA @ChasingTao…I never dreamed we’d come together to produce a radio program dedicated to the arts. 40,000 listeners later, we are preparing for a whole new season of music, art, poetry and conversation. We are adding programs, and making changes, with the help of poet/photographer Susie Clevenger & our resident painter/audio producer Matthew Hatt…the team is growing, the shows are evolving, and we’re looking forward to bringing you artists of all mediums from all around the world.

So, while I may have strayed from my purpose to define poetry…I think it’s safe to say It’s all poetry…and I hope you, like me, believe the time is NOW for us to come together, support, share, and help each other however we are able. No matter the labels you’ve been assigned…we are all in this together!

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About the Author:

Natasha Head is a published poet who hails from the beautiful east coast of Canada. You can find her work in Inspiration Speaks Volume 1, and her debut collection, 2012 Pushcart Prize nominated Nothing Left to Lose, both available through Winter Goose Publishing.  Her blog, tashtoo.com, is a vibrant example of her work in progress. She is also a proud OpenLinkNight host and resident tweeter for dVersePoets, and founding member of The New World Creative Union. Join her on BlogTalkRadio’s The Creative Nexus each Thursday.

Find out more:

8 responses to “#PoetryWeek – poet Natasha Head

  1. You couldn’t have chosen a better person to define poetry in this arena. When I first started my poetry blog and began to step ever so fearfully into these waters, I discovered her right away. Looking up to her talent and skill at weaving words, I was over the moon when she commented on one of my works. Her undying support has been a cornerstone for me in building my confidence and belief in my own abilities as a writer. I write fearlessly now without care or concern of what others may think or if someone likes what I’ve created. That fearlessness has helped me find a voice that is clear and strong.

    Congratulations Natasha on your feature here~ so well deserved!

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