#PoetryWeek – Books to Check Out!

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To go along with the kickoff post for POETRY WEEK that includes a brand new poem of mine, I think it’s a good idea to share a list of some great poetry collections to check out. Below is a list of books, many from poets you’ll meet throughout the event, priced $3 and less. If you have a book that you’d like to share, please share a link to it in the comments on this post, and I’ll be sure to throw it into the list as the week progresses. Just make sure it fits into the price range. We’re all on budgets nowadays, but luckily there are many books to grab for only a few dollars.

As always, I encourage readers to leave some feedback on what they read. Reviews will help others find out if a book might be for them or not. Of course it’s not a requirement or anything like that, but it’s helpful 🙂

*Note – I have reviewed a few of these on the blog. If you click the title of those that are underlined, you’ll be directed to my review. Maybe it’ll help you decide on a purchase.*

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All prices were accurate at the time of posting. Please be sure to double check the price before purchasing any of the books.


$2.99 – From Where I Stand – Amazon | Smashwords

$1.99 – Winter’s Homecoming – Amazon | Smashwords

Free – I Would – Amazon | Smashwords

THE QUILLECTIVE PROJECT (Ben Ditmars, Amber Jerome~Norrgard, Scott Morgan, and myself)

$2.99 – Four Paws – Amazon 

(100% of all proceeds from the sale of Four Paws will benefit The Dallas Humane Society’s no-kill shelter, Dog & Kitty City.)


$1.99 – Haiku in the Night – Amazon

$1.99 – Night Poems Amazon | ($0.99) Smashwords


$0.99 – Waxing Poetic – Amazon 

(Her 3 collections from 2012 in one book)

$0.99 – Six Hundred and Twenty~Nine Miles to Sanity – Amazon 

(1st three collections of 2013 in one book)

$0.99 – Under the Moonlight – Amazon | ($1.99) Smashwords

$0.99 – The Cusp of Nightfall’s Caress – Amazon | ($1.99) Smashwords


$1.99 – Silent Dreams Amazon

$2.99 – Nocturnal Embers – Amazon

(will be free the 9th and 10th, but maybe you’ll buy it to show support for an Indie Poet)


$2.99 – Always YouAmazon


$0.99 – SonglinesAmazon | Smashwords

$0.99 – Undercurrent – Amazon | Smashwords


$2.99 – Three Spaces – Amazon

$3.00 – Where the Butterflies Go – Amazon


FreeChains and Firelight Amazon | Smashwords


$0.99 – Waiting for Me – Amazon

$0.99 – Numb – Amazon

$0.99 – The Girl – Amazon

$0.99 – Never Had a Chance – Amazon


$0.99 – If I Could Fly Away – Amazon

D.E.E. L

$0.99 – Painted Mind – Smashwords

$0.99 – I Can Almost Hear Here – Smashwords

$0.99 – Circus Bear – Smashwords

Free – Red – Smashwords

Christy Birmingham

$3.00 – Pathyways to Illumination – Publisher’s Webstore 

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