#PoetryWeek Starts Tomorrow

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Tomorrow, and for the week after, is POETRY WEEK here on A Life Among the Pages. What is poetry week, might you ask? Well it’s simple. It’ll be a week in which I turn the blog over to fellow poets to share their original poems, views on poetry, and some great books to check out.

As most people know, poetry doesn’t get the attention that some other forms of writing should. I don’t think that this event will change that in world-shattering way, but I do hope for some of you out there to possibly give poetry a chance if you haven’t before, or to revisit some poets you might have read in the past. There’s a world of great words out there, and it’s just waiting to be discovered!

Below is a full list of the poets who’ll be featured this week. I hope you’ll all follow along as the week goes by.

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Oct 6th
Robert Zimmerman (ME)
Books to Check Out!

Oct 7th
Natasha Head
Sreya Bremtin

Oct 8th
Susy Ayers
Sheila Hall

Oct 9th
Mari Posa
Lily Luchesi

*BONUS – October 9th-10th Helle Gade’s collection Nocturnal Embers will be free on Amazon*

Oct 10th
Heather Grace Stewart
Melissa Darby

Livia Ellis
Ashley Shaw

Ben Ditmars
Helle Gade


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