#Review: Proof, by M.R. Graham

Title: ProofProof
Author: M.R. Graham
Rating: 4/5 stars

“The day Connor cornered me in the library, I thought he was cracked. The day he covered my walls with crosses and filled my apartment with garlic, I thought he was psychotic. The day he killed someone on the floor in my living room, I had no choice but to believe. This is my last confession, the story of the years we spent hunting Them and the mistakes we made. This is my memorial to the people we lost. This is my realization of the importance of Proof.

They have been lurking in the shadows for untold years, waiting for the chance to burst free. Only the ragged few, held together by the charismatic Connor, have seen the signs and dare to stand up against Them, the undead. In this battle, no one leaves unscathed.” (description from Goodreads)

line-37709I was surprised by this short story. I wasn’t totally in love with it, but near the end it pulled itself together for me and I appreciated it even more.

I liked that the story is told as a brief retelling by the narrator about his life hunting “Them” with Connor. While there was a lack detail throughout, due to a brevity explained more near the end, it was just enough to keep me reading along to find out what would happen next.

If you’re looking for a quick read with a little vampire hunting in it, this could be a good story for you. It moves right along and packs the recalling of many years on the road into a few thousand words. I’m interested to see what this author can do with a novel. It’s a good glimpse into Graham’s writing, I’m sure.


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About the Author:

MR Graham is a native Texan who traces strong cultural roots back to Scotland, Poland, and England. A mild-mannered Latin teacher during the day, Graham transforms at night into a raging Holmesian loremaster and rabid novelist.

Though passionate about all scholarship and academia, Graham’s training and true love lies with anthropology, particularly the archaeological branch.
Also, steampunk and vampires.

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One response to “#Review: Proof, by M.R. Graham

  1. Many thanks, Robert! I’m glad you enjoyed it. “Too short” seems to be a common complaint, and I’ve been thinking of expanding the story, perhaps once I’ve got my current project finished.

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