Sorry, We’re Closed (…to #Review Requests)


I’d like to announce that I’m closing my doors to (most) review requests, as of today August 30th, 2013. I have a nice sized pile to go through now and have my own writing to motivate myself to get done. I will be closed at least until the end of the year this time.

There will be ONE exception to being closed…call it a little doggie door in the otherwise closed and locked request gateway. I’ll still keep myself open for short story requests. This is not for short story collections, whether it’s 10 stories or as little as 2. I’ll only consider single short stories, up to roughly 5,000 words. The reason for this, as always, is that it’s fairly easy to read a shorter story in between other work or between two review novels. I can get those in the list and often, authors don’t get many reviews for short stories which still baffles me. I’ve grown to enjoy reading and reviewing short stories when they have some meat inside such a small word count.

I’m sorry if my closing up disappoints any authors out there. Just keep me in mind for the future, if you’d like to send a request when I open back up.

If I haven’t scared you away yet, here’s my review policy (for those with a possible short story request)

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