Prose Verse Babel 8 – The Return

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Today is a glorious day here at A Life Among the Pages!!!  It’s my pleasure to announce to everyone that Prose Verse Babel is making it’s return…for real this time! If you recall last year, I started this series where I invite anyone who’d like to be on the blog, to “write” a poem using the titles on the spines of their books. It lasted an entire 6 posts before I had to stop for various reason, but today it returns! Please enjoy these poems. We like to have fun with them. They’re not always serious and don’t always make sense, but we like them. And please consider joining the fun for next week and weeks to come. In order to keep this series going, I need help from my fans. So please, look over the post and some past ones to see what the poems are like, then go create some. When you’re done, email them to me with the text and pic of the stack. It’s as simple as that 🙂

Again, please welcome back Prose Verse Babel…and as always, ENJOY!

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Cinta's poem 1Cinta Garcia de la Rosa

Once upon a twisted time,
Penelope’s daughter,
The Queen’s Fool,
[Was] the lady most willing
[To find] the Canterbury Papers.

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my poem 1Robert Zimmermann

Franny and Zooey:
troubles and treats.

A walk in the woods,
forever changed;
necklace of kisses.

Flat-out love!

Sryea's poem

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Sreya Bremtin

unicorn variations
help the poor struggler
biting the moon.

the long dark tea-time of the soul
the caves of steel.

i am the only running footman,
the old fox deceiv’d,
the man with a load of mischief,

the train now departing.

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As always, please send in your Prose Verse Babel submissions! I love sharing other reader’s poetry in this series. If you’re planning on submitting, make sure to email me a picture of the stack of books and the text of the poem how you’d like it to read. Remember, you can alter the titles slightly to suit the poems. I’m not too strict. Just have fun :) Please use my contact form to inquire about a submission.

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