#NewRelease: Master-Bation – At Sir’s Command, by @SuzyAyers

The first installment of Suzy Ayers’ The Torn Series has just been released. Check out Master-Bation, At Sir’s Command




This is an Erotic story for Adults 18+ and is approximately 11, 400 words.

Max and Serena are in a very new and loving relationship as Master and slave. Max initially has Serena learn her body and tolerance, while she masturbates, according to his instructions. Distance and anticipation heighten her need and desire for him more. She worries that her initial agreement to submit to was merely just her first want to please him, and in doing so she might have betrayed herself. Can she separate her feelings and maintain a purely sexual relationship with Max?

Max has been a Dom for a little over four years, but something about Serena has sparked something in him. He is away “he claims” on the weekends for work. He wants to bring Serena deeper into the life, show her more of the things he enjoys sexually, more fetishes and implements he wants to use…but is she ready?

This is the first book with this couple. They have conflicting emotions of what exactly they want from themselves and each other.


If you’d like to grab a copy of this sexy story, you can find it from:

Amazon | Smashwords


About the Author:

I’m a hopeless romantic and cannot help that I write about it. I write from the heart and wherever that leads me, whether that’s erotica, paranormal or fantasy. The ever present theme is always love. 

I grew up on Cape Cod so a lot of my stories have a theme and recognizable elements to New England. My writing is centered around love, although not always in the conventional way and I always try to incorporate a happily for now, if not ever after.

I love to read and devour books at a rapid pace. I will be hosting authors on this page in my Author’s Spotlight and reviewing some great books on my Book Review page. I’ve added a page called Because I want your sex…Stories. I enjoy erotica: writing, reading, and promoting fellow writers. I hope to meet and make new friends.

Find out more:

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