#Review: A Grimm & Dirty Omnibus, by A. Violet End

Title – A Grimm & Dirty Omnibus: Twelve Erotic Fairy TalesGrimm Omni Ebook
Author: A. Violet End
Rating: 3.5/5 stars

“Creative erotic retellings of the European folktales once collected by the Bros Grimm: The Juniper Tree, Lily and the Lion (Beauty & the Beast), The Wedding of Mrs. Fox, The White Snake, Chanticleer & Partlet, Rapunzel, Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty), The Dog and the Sparrow, The Pink, Clever Elsie, The Blue Light, and The Frog Prince

Not for children. Lots of dirty sex.

Approx 25,000 wds ” (description from Goodreads)


I have mixed feelings about this collection. I’ve read some of A. Violet End’s work in the past. Some were individual stories included in this omnibus and some unrelated stories.

A. Violet End’s Grimm & Dirty fairy tales are definitely not for everyone, but there are a variety of stories to choose from, so there is something for everyone (so to speak). Ms. End has taken the old tales written by the brothers Grimm and added a twist. She turned them into naughty erotic tales, but she’s left most of the dark stuff that the brothers are known for, in the stories. I think the best part of the stories is that I feel End has kept the integrity of the tales intact.

What didn’t work much for me was that since many of the tales involved animal main characters, the animals were anthropomorphized. Throw in the erotic element into this, and well, it wasn’t always working for me. Though, as I said, there are stories for a variety of readers and I found some to be enjoyable to read.

I’d also like to add that along with reading this collection, I also listened to the audiobook version. I sort of mixed it up a little. I feel that the audio added to the fairy tale aspect a bit because it was like being a kid again, and I was being read to. The narrator did a great job of bringing the tales to life when I was listening.

So, if you’re a fan of seeing how “innocent” fairy tales of old can be turned into naughty (possibly sexy) tales, check out A . Violet End’s omnibus here. It was worth checking out in my opinion.


If you’d like to grab a copy of this book, you can find it from:

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About the Author:

A. Violet End is a professional writer and classy lady with a perverted imagination. She likes fairy tales. She likes twisting things to her satisfaction. Enjoy her take on the Grimm Brothers’ European folklore, would you? If that’s not your thing, then try her billionaire sicko boyfriend fantasy series, The Billionaire Who… for the story of a naughty rich guy and the flight attendant he has his way with, over and over again. Good clean fun, right?

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