#Review: Lilith Returns, by @KristinaWright

Title: Lilith Returns (a story from the Naked Delirium anthology)
Author: Kristina Wright
Rating: 5/5 Stars

“Adam and Eve, have lived together in harmony for millennia. But the return of the demon Lilith is set to result in one cataclysmic climax!” (description from Goodreads)

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I was a bit wary of reading an erotic story that involved the Biblical characters, Adam, Eve, and Lilith, as the main characters. At the same time, I was very intrigued to read it. In the end I was happy to have opened up Lilith Returns.

In Lilith Returns, Wright takes three of the, possibly, most well-known characters from the Bible and throws a spin on their involvement in the world. For readers who are very strict with religion, this probably isn’t a story to check out.  But if reworking the way Biblical figures can be seen isn’t offensive, I would recommend this one. The author created a unique view on how these three interconnected characters have lived throughout history since their creation. If you took out the erotic elements in this story, I’d still have enjoyed it. I especially liked how the story ended. I didn’t see the conclusion coming and it made me think a bit about various things.

The style in which Wright wrote the story puts her up on my list of great erotic authors. She was able to present the intercourse, the passion, and the development of the story all while keeping it moving along smoothly, sensually, and descriptively. There was nothing out of place or anything to catch me up when reading. Wright also knows how to write some steamy sex scenes without having to include any vulgar terms. This was a very tastefully written erotic story that puts a nice twist to a very religious cast of characters.

If this is a sign of what the rest of the Naked Delirium collection contains, it might be safe to say that I’ll be grabbing it.

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You can purchase a copy of Lilith Returns from:

Amazon | Smashwords | B&N | Sweetmeat Press

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About the Author:

I started writing fiction in the first grade and I haven’t stopped since. Along the way, I’ve written everything from greeting cards to book reviews, but fiction remains my passion. I have been writing more or less full-time since 1997, though I have had a series of “normal” jobs, gone to college and gotten a couple of degrees and taken a few breaks along the way.

My first book was published by Silhouette Intimate Moments and was a Golden Heart Winner in Romantic Suspense. For the past few years, the bulk of my writing has been erotica and erotic romance and my short stories have been published in over eighty anthologies. I am also the editor of Fairy Tale Lust: Erotic Fantasies for Women (Cleis Press, July 2010). Currently, I’m working on a variety of projects including a couple of novels, some literary fiction and creative nonfiction, a screenplay and several erotica stories. I also hope to continue editing erotica anthologies for Cleis Press.

Find out more:

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