Washing You, an #erotic short by @SuzyAyers

Last week I shared a poem by Suzy Ayers with you all. This week, I have another free read for you all from Ms. Ayers. It’s an erotic short this time. Hope you enjoy.


Washing You
by Suzy Ayers


In the shower…I come behind you, you’re surprised…you didn’t expect me to be home from work so early, but I couldn’t stop thinking about you. I wash your back and trace my fingers over every contour of every muscle in your back, as my teeth graze along your shoulder. My hands roam down to your waist and I reach around, nuzzling you with my nose and cheek. You moan slightly louder than the sound of the shower raining down over your skin, heated by the water…moaning. I force you to turn around to me as I dig my nails into that spot on your hip.

I want to watch you, your eyes watching me, as I wash you. The suds roll over my hands as I move up your chest, teasing you from where you want them to be. I scrape your nipples with my nails and slide them further, up to the back of your neck. I watch your eyes close, as the sensation of my nails on your skin makes you shudder.

I grin as I feel you throbbing between my thighs, and it rubs my moistening flower. The water sheds off your dick and warms my parted thighs. The ivory clean scent overrides everything else and pours through the steam. I nip along your jaw, watching each bite make your chest draw in a breath. I slide my tongue across your lips and you part them wishing, hoping for more, but I’m a tease. You know I’m a tease and you groan wanting more.

I pull your head down to my chest and force you upon my breast, your hair clutched tight in my grasp. You suckle on it, nurse it and then I bring you to the other. This time I cup your balls in my other hand and the shock of it jolts you to bite me. I moan in ecstasy as the pleasure ripples over my skin and every pore is awakened and taut.

I slide down to my knees and I see your eyes fill with lust, as my mouth opens for tip of your cock. You are salty and perfumed with soap. I start slow, my tongue glides down underneath like a soft guide. A velvet bed for your sensitive member; I pull back and the second motion is further and deeper. With each pass, I find you slowly moving your fingers on my head until they are firmly rooted at my scalp. This is the only time I allow you control or let you think you are in control. Eventually I have fully engulfed you, as my throat muscles have expanded and relaxed. I roll your testicles in my hands, as my tongue slowly makes its way out of the tight prison to meet them. Your hand slaps against the wall for stability as your legs spread further apart. Your hips begin to move and your hand uses my head, you pull me back and forth, as I grip your hips now.

I catch glimpses of you lost in euphoria and it drives me forward even more, I rake my nails from you taint along your sac and I feel your legs quaking—a telltale sign that you are ready to cum. I lean back on my haunches and pull away without much success. You’re demanding I drink you all up today. You look down at me and I stare at your green eyes, turned lustfully dark and needing. I nod and instantly you release. Both your hands clamp behind my head, as I feel your hot creamy seed pulsing down my throat; as the warm water washes over us.


About the Author:

I grew up on Cape Cod, Massachusetts and a lot of my romance novels are based in the New England area. I’m a wife and currently a stay at home mom.

I write romance across many genres including: Fantasy, Paranormal and Erotic. I have some erotic short stories that twist into happily ever after’s. My writing is focused around love, although not always in the conventional way.

I love to read and devour books at a rapid pace. I’m also passionate about music; you’ll find me singing everywhere. I’m that mom in the SUV singing next to you. When I remember, I practice yoga. I love to laugh and be surrounded by people who make me laugh. My other creative outlet is cooking.

Find more from:


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