#Review: A few short reviews of shorts!

Here are a few reviews of some shorter stories I’ve read recently.

fancy line

Title: BittenBitten
Author: H.M. Green
Rating: 3/5 Stars

“Every writer dreams of that elusive offer of representation, a chance to surface from the slush and ascend the ladder of literary fame and fortune.

Melanie thinks her dream has come true, but when her manuscript is snapped up by the literary agent from hell, her fantasy morphs into her worst nightmare.

A short story of approximately 2,000 words.” (description from Goodreads)


I thought the concept behind this story was clever. I think this could be a good introduction to a larger story involving the literary agency in the story.

The issues I had with this is the lack of sympathy for the author character, and the predictability of what the agent would end up doing. I wasn’t a long story, but I felt myself wanting to get to the end a bit faster than I was.

As I said, I think this could be a bigger story. There’s more behind the agent’s motives than what we see. There’s a huge industry that caught my attention, but wasn’t really given the chance to develop here.

If the author were to write a story set in the same storyline as Bitten, I think I’d check it out. I’d just hope there’d be a little more to it. Some stories are meant to be short, but this one didn’t feel like it was given the room to grow.

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Title: At the End of the WorldAt the end of the world
Author: Anya Breton
Rating: 4/5 Stars

“Brian makes Nicole’s ultimate fantasy come true–an interlude in the desert. Warning: this short story (1000 words) features explicit sex.” (description from Goodreads)


For being around 1000 words long, this was a nice sexy story. The author was able to set up the characters well, while getting right to the point of this story: a sexual encounter in the desert, as if they were the last two people on Earth.

I think the fantasy is an interesting one to think about, personally. There are many things they’d come into a person’s mind if they knew they were one of the last people on Earth. Breton took that and went the sexual route with it. What would it be have no chance of being caught or being the only hope for humanity.

This one wasn’t just a sexy read, but it makes you think about what it’d be like At the End of the World.

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Title: Silver Eyessilver eyes
Author: Michael Fitzgerald
Rating: 3/5 Stars

“4,539 word short story.

One week of a young man’s life alters the course of his destiny.” (description from Goodreads)


I thought that this story started out with a great premise, and even later on had some good direction. Though, I feel like as I went along, I was getting less and less of a story and more of a list of events.

The only conflict in this story takes place at the beginning. It’s an event alluded to in the description and it changes the course of the main characters’ lives. What happens after is only the surface of the rest of their lives. It lacks depth, in my opinion, and (even though this is fiction) feels much too unrealistic for the story that’s written. I think if the author had dialed down the extraordinary outcome drastically, the story could have held my enjoyment for much longer, and in turn I’d have a different opinion about it.

Still, there is something to the story. With the expansion of some key points, and working in some conflicts/obstacles, I think this could be much better as a novella or novel.

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