#Review: Going Somewhere Else, by Amber D. Sistla

Title: going Somewhere Else (Break Bites)Going Somewhere Else
Author: Amber D. Sistla
Rating: 4/5 Stars

“A space explorer prepares for a journey that will never end.

Originally published in Cosmos Online Magazine.
Translated into Hebrew, Mercury magazine March 2009.
Translated into Greek, Ennea magazine #439 Jan 14, 2009.

Part of the “Break Bites” Series: Stories short enough to read when you get a break from your everyday activities.” (description from Goodreads)


This was a short story of about 1,000 words. There wasn’t much space to build up the story of “A space explorer prepares for a journey that will never end,” as the description suggests, at least not in a fully literal way. What took place in this short time was more an exploration into the reasoning behind the narrator’s impending journey.

Aside from the mention of the main character’s coming journey, and some other futuristic technology, this was a mostly literary story to me. I would have enjoyed a little more sci-fi in there. More story off of this would have been great, yet on its own, I feel it’s also a complete story. The author used this man’s mission as another way to solidify the main theme into the story.

It was short, and got right to the point. I think it was enough to want to see what else Sistla can do with her words.


If you’d like to grab a copy of Going Somewhere Else you can find it at:

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About the Author:

Amber D. Sistla was born in Oklahoma and now lives in the Pacific Northwest. She has a degree in computer science and has six U.S. and E.U. patents. Her fiction has appeared or is forthcoming in Nature, Jim Baen’s Universe, Postcripts, Cosmos, Bull Spec, and Daily Science Fiction. She is an active member of the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America.

Find out more:


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