#Review: The Annihilation of Foreverland, by @TonyBertauski

Title: The Annihilation of ForeverlandForeverland
Author: Tony Bertauski
Rating: 5/5 Stars

“When kids awake on an island, they’re told there was an accident. Before they can go home, they will visit Foreverland, an alternate reality that will heal their minds.

Reed dreams of a girl that tells him to resist Foreverland. He doesn’t remember her name, but knows he once loved her. He’ll have to endure great suffering and trust his dream. And trust he’s not insane.

Danny Boy, the new arrival, meets Reed’s dream girl inside Foreverland. She’s stuck in the fantasy land that no kid can resist. Where every heart’s desire is satisfied. Why should anyone care how Foreverland works?” (description from Goodreads)


The Annihilation of Foreverland is one of the most enjoyable books I’ve read this year. It’s entertaining, a little out there, and makes you think.

While I found this book to be different and new in many ways, I can also find similarities with many other popular (more mature) YA books/series. Ender’s Game was one that came to mind right away. The Hunger Games, and some other dystopian titles can also be grouped with Bertauski’s novel. I think fans of either of those books, dystopian, and books with an alternate or cyber reality might like to check this one out.

I think my favorite part of this book was Foreverland. It’s concept and the virtual world itself, made me wonder about the real-life possibilities of the human mind and our computer technology. This is often the case when it comes to science fiction and I think the author set it up effectively. I also thought the characters were great. Danny Boy, one of the main characters, was my favorite. All of the characters were well-developed and played a big role in the story. There were even a few times when I sympathized for the “bad guys.” With a story like this one, it’s not easy to do (but you’ll have to read it to know what that’s all about. can’t reveal too much without spoiling this one.)

This is the first book of a series, and if this is any indication of what to expect in future books, I think it has a chance of becoming one of my favorite series.


If you’d like to grab a copy of The Annihilation of Foreverland you can find it here:

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About the Author:

My grandpa never graduated high school. He retired from a steel mill in the mid-70s. He was uneducated, but he was a voracious reader. I remember going through his bookshelves of paperback sci-fi novels, smelling musty old paper, pulling Piers Anthony and Isaac Asimov off shelf and promising to bring them back. I was fascinated by robots that could think and act like people. What happened when they died?

I’ve written textbooks on landscape design, but that was straightforward, informational writing; the kind of stuff that helps most people get to sleep. I’ve also been writing a gardening column with a humorous slant. That takes a little more finesse, but still informational for the most part.

I’m a cynical reader. I demand the writer sweep me into his/her story and carry me to the end. I’d rather sail a boat than climb a mountain. That’s the sort of stuff I wanted to write, not the assigned reading we used to get in high school. I wanted to create stories that kept you up late.

Fiction, GOOD fiction, is hard to write. Having a story unfold inside your head is an experience different than reading. You connect with characters in a deeper, more meaningful way. You feel them, empathize with them, cheer for them and even mourn. The challenge is to get the reader to experience the same thing, even if it’s only a fraction of what the writer feels. Not so easy.

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