Review: Between the Soul and Soft Machine, by Lysa Tyler

Title: Between the Soul and Soft MachineUntitled
Author: Lysa Tyler (Lisa Tyler?)
Rating: 3.5/5 Stars

“Jackson Redditt is a freelance lawman on the outer rim planets. His current assignment is a little different, though. He has to train an android officer named Alee. She has great enforcement programming but is totally ignorant of how to be human. But she wants to learn everything, including why she’s attracted to Jackson. Jackson does his best to teach her what it is to be human. It turns out she has all the right parts as they strip naked in the office and he lets her know how it feels to have a man enter her for the first time.

Warning: This book contains graphic and explicit depictions of hot sex, and is not suitable for minors.” (description from Goodreads)


Good lead up, interested sex scene since it’s between a man and a (virgin) android. But then it pretty much ends there. I got invested in the build up of the plot, but it was kind of brushed off too much with an abrupt ending.

I’d like to have seen this continued a little more, especially due to the sci-fi aspect of the story. There’s a bigger story to be told and I hope that the author writes it. I’d pick it up.


You can grab a copy of this book from:



I couldn’t find anything on this author, and I tried. So there’s no about me or links. Also, the reason for the two author names is because the cover says “Lysa” but the listing on Amazon and the copyright page says “Lisa.” Since I can’t find anything about this author other than all her books on Amazon, I put both up there. Anyone with more info/links, please feel free to share in te comments.

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