Review: Patriots and Profits, by J.W. Rolfe

Title: Patriots and Profit (Alan Scott Series 0.5)Patriots and profits
Author: J.W. Rolfe
Rating: 4/5 Stars

“Fighting insurgents, something Capt. Keith Ridgely has done on a regular basis and has done so with the zeal of any patriotic solider, but after his latest mission in Zimbabwe, he gets reassigned to a place where careers go to die. With his prospects ruined, Ridgely must contemplate whether to remain in the armed forces or take the lucrative offer of becoming a hired gun. One path leads to loyalty, the other towards fortune. Only he can decide which way to choose.

In this thrilling short-story prelude to For One’s Own Cause, follow Capt. Ridgely as he battles it out in the harsh terrains of southern Africa only to learn that he has to quit the army if he ever wants to see combat again.” (description from Goodreads)


I’m still a reader who’s getting into sci-fi slowly. I think that this story was a good story for those inexperience with the sci-fi genre, though it’s also a good story in itself for many readers.

The reader gets a generalized view of this futuristic world, almost on a need to know basis. It leaves some questions about how the world is and works, in my opinion, but then again this is just a prelude short story to a novel. What you get is a good setup for the novel that follows. Ridgely’s character is well established in this brief time, as well as what is set to occur in the storyline’s near future.

As I said, it’s probably better for those not seasoned in sci-fi. I think it might be lacking in a few aspect for some readers. It might not be the most unique story, but I have hopes of enjoying the novel to see where this leads to.


You can grab a copy of Patriots and Profits from:

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About the Author:

J. W. Rolfe is a high school chemistry teacher currently living outside of Chicago, Illinois. For One’s Own Cause is his debut novel.

Find out more:

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