Calling Y’all Poetry People!!!

I just wanted to take a minute and throw out an invitation to poets…or wannabe poets of the world.

Prose Verse Babel Banner

Last year I started a series on the blog called Prose Verse Babel. This was a fun series of posts in which I’d share poems created by stacking books to make the titles on the spines read as a poem. I’d like to start this up again. The great thing is…I want to get everyone else to join in, just like last time.

Here are the posts in the series so far: Prose Verse Babel

If you’d like to take part, it’s simple. I just need a few things:

  • Picture of the stack of books (arranged how the poem is to be read, of course)
  • The poem typed up.
    • Please feel free to add or remove punctuation from the titles and to make line breaks wherever you’d like. The titles really only act as a way to order the words and to choose the words. That’s the only limitations.
  • You MUST have fun with it. Lol. I insist 😉
  • Email the pic(s), text, and a link to your blog or Twitter,Facebook, etc so people can find out more about you.
  • No limit to how many you can submit. I’ll just post one per person per post, but I can keep multiple submissions for the next post.

If this doesn’t seem like your kind of poetry, but you’d still like to write some, I’m more than happy to post “normal” poems. I’d like to get more poetry up on the blog in general and to meet some of you out there. We poets need more exposure! So send in your poems if you’d like.

If you have any questions before you’re ready to submit, please feel free to use the Contact Page on the blog 🙂

Emails should be sent to: my contact form with the subject of “Prose Verse Babel.”

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