Slammer by Nikki Haze is FREE today!

I’d like to bring to you a public service announcement from the one and only Nikki Haze!



Cyber Sex Mysteries 3: SLAMMER will be available at NO COST TODAY ONLY!  Please don’t miss this opportunity to learn about Lena’s SLAMMER exploits and pass it along to your friends 🙂


Lena is introduced to SLAMMER, the stranger sex application that pulls her away from the office and onto the cocks of numerous strangers. Who wants to do boring paperwork anyway when they can have an ass full of thick cock?


Here is a sample of CSM 3 to whet your starving appetites…

“You want to get off like this or you want this cock?”

“Like…like this. Ah.”

He began ruthlessly finger-fucking Lena, sucking her soft flesh roughly until she was screaming her release. His hand slammed down hard over her mouth as her body shook with the intensity of her orgasm. Just as she was coming down he crammed her still quivering pussy full of that cock. He pulled her towards him and began to thrust, slaking his pleasure from her tight, wet cunt.

“If you cum again cover your own damn mouth.” He picked up his pace again and continued rocking into her with a ruthlessness that would leave bruises, just the way she liked it. He began to pulse inside her as his moans picked up.

“Can I cum inside of you?” He gasped out the words as he bit at her nipple through her shirt. She shook her head, no. “I want your cum in my mouth.” He tugged Lena off the counter and pushed her to her knees. She opened wide for him, her entire body humming in anticipation. Moaning, he slid his cock past her lips to the back of her throat. Lena prided herself at not having a gag reflex and took all of him in until his balls were slapping against her chin. He finished immediately, cum exploding with ruthless thrusts to the back of her throat until her mouth was full of him.

He pulled out and looked down at her with an appreciative smile. She opened her mouth for him so he could see she’d held all of his cum there. He watched with intense curiosity as she made a show out of swallowing him down, licking her lips after. “That’s sexy as fuck. Dirty…”

She stood, straightening her skirt and finding the heel that slipped off during their fuck session. Without responding to him, Lena grabbed her purse and left the bathroom. On her way out the front door her phone chirped again. Jason VIP wanted a suck-off behind Starbucks. She looked warily over at the coffee shop and back at her building before checking her watch. She’d only been gone for fifteen minutes. She hit accept before crossing the street and making her way behind the building.


Grab your free copy today!

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