Review: The Billionaire Who Loaned Me, by A. Violet End

Title: The Billionaire Who Loaned Me (Diary of a Fuckdoll pt 6)Diary of a Fuckdoll 6
Author: A. Violet End
Rating: 4/5 Stars

“Thus far, dear Lisa has been boned, owned, stoned, phoned, and unfortunately, cloned. Or was that so unfortunate, after all? Fortune’s a willy-nilly bitch at times.

Where in the WORLD is Lisa off to next, dear reader?

Find out in THE BILLIONAIRE WHO LOANED ME, Diary of a Fuckdoll part 6″ (description from Goodreads)


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I’ve read the first five parts of A. Violet End’s Diary of a Fuckdoll series, and I’ve enjoy them all. What I liked especially is that with each installment, the story got more and more in-depth, complex, and (dare I say it) “out there” in some parts.

The Billionaire Who Loaned Me follows along with this growing trend. It’s also longer than parts 1-5. This allowed more room to flesh out various aspect of the story. This room allowed for the story to unfold around the erotic elements, as well. While in the past installments the reader has gotten a sexy glimpse into the out of control relationship between Tristan and Lisa, most of the “sexy” has been taken out of the forefront. It’s still there, so for those looking for a sexy read, don’t worry. Loaned Me is just a great build up to what I’m sure will be an exciting finale, part 7.

There are many questions brought up in this story that will leave the reader guessing and guessing. Some might be answered, others might keep twisting and turning. All in all, it’s made me want to rush out to grab part 7. Sadly, I can’t do this because it’s yet to be written. But I’m sure to be one of the first in line to grab it when it’s released.

The mystery, the sex, the action-packed events of The Billionaire Who Loaned Me, it all comes together for an enjoyable story as the reader rides along with Lisa as she tries to get her life back to “normal.”


You can purchase a copy of The Billionaire Who Loaned Me from:

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About the Author:

A. Violet End is a professional writer and classy lady with a perverted imagination. She likes fairy tales. She likes twisting things to her satisfaction. Enjoy her take on the Grimm Brothers’ European folklore, would you? If that’s not your thing, then try her billionaire sicko boyfriend fantasy series, The Billionaire Who… for the story of a naughty rich guy and the flight attendant he has his way with, over and over again. Good clean fun, right?

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