Review Request Status: Closed

I just want to take a minute to make a formal post about my current status on reviews. I have now closed my doors to review requests for the period of time it takes me to get through the books I have accepted for review recently. For all requests I get from now until the time I open back up, I will refer those authors to my review policy for them to keep an eye on my status to watch for it to be open.

There is one exception to this recent status change. As stated near the top of the policy, while I’m closed to book review requests, I will still be open to requests for shorter story stories. This is stories of a couple thousand words. This does not include novella length work or longer “in-between” short stories. That’s a little vague on the lengths I know, but it’s hard to pinpoint a cut off. So, if you’re looking for a review of a short story, please use your best judgement and I’ll see if it works for me 🙂

Thank you to all the authors who’ve considered me for reviewing their book so far, and for all those in the future. I enjoy getting to review books because I enjoy reading. I also enjoy being able to help out authors find an audience and get feedback on a book, and I think it’s great if I can get some readers to take interest in a book or two.

For those interested in requesting, still, for short stories, here’s a link to my review policy. You can also find it above, under the Review tab.


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