A poem by Suzy Ayers, inspired by Etta James

It’s been quite a long time since I’ve been able to share some poetry with my readers, but I’d like to end that dry spell today. It’s always a pleasure for me  to bring the poetic voices of fellow writers to you all. I take even more pleasure in this when the writer in question isn’t known for his or her poetry.

Today’s poem is from Suzy Ayers. You might have seen my reviews of her erotic short stories Cristal Blue and Sweet Treats, recently. This time instead of erotic prose, we have a poem inspired by an Etta James song. I hope you enjoy the poem as much as I did. I look forward to more poetry from Suzy, and I have a feeling we’ll get some out of her.


Misty Blue
Etta James Song Inspiration

Off My Mind
My stomach flutters with each message, each email, each vibration of my phone…hoping
I lost it, that connection, that thread…the spiders web thread is thinning
Shimmering in the sunlight, making me smile, despite the tears rimming my eyes
Each flowering tree, each swan in the pond…they all remind me of you
Each day that passes, I feel the distance and the pain begins to dissipate like a fog warmed by the sun
I sense I will be forever changed and grateful for having you in my heart and life
And I know…I know it’s dangerous to allow you to do it to me again
I need to get you off my mind, away from my heart, and out of my life

-Suzy Ayers (5/5/13)


About the Author:

I grew up on Cape Cod, Massachusetts and a lot of my romance novels are based in the New England area. I’m a wife and currently a stay at home mom.

I write romance across many genres including: Fantasy, Paranormal and Erotic. I have some erotic short stories that twist into happily ever after’s. My writing is focused around love, although not always in the conventional way.

I love to read and devour books at a rapid pace. I’m also passionate about music; you’ll find me singing everywhere. I’m that mom in the SUV singing next to you. When I remember, I practice yoga. I love to laugh and be surrounded by people who make me laugh. My other creative outlet is cooking.

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