Guest Post: Steph Sweeney on Your Favorite Girl

I just wanted to start by thanking Rob for letting me take up space on his blog.  He’s been a big help with my debut release, Your Favorite Girl (currently on sale for .99c), and I am forever in his debt for that.  It’s been a great start, and I’m completely floored by how welcoming bloggers, readers, and my fellow authors have been.

If you don’t know me, I’m a twenty-eight-year-old waitress who shares the same dream as every other writer out there: I want to be a full-time writer.  I want to be famous.  I want to one day see my characters playing out my stories on the big screen.

The problem is I’m too scared to share my writing with people I know in the real world.  To counter this personal dilemma, I started a blog and Twitter account a year ago and began connecting with people online, and so far my late-night ramblings have garnered me a lot of friendships.  A lot of these kind people have even blown their money on my book!  It’s quite humbling.

It wasn’t until I came up with the idea for Your Favorite Girl that I fully committed to entering the publishing world as an erotica author.  I’d written an erotic short story here and there, but most of my life I’ve been writing across the board, multiple genres, never quite knowing where I felt most comfortable.

As it turns out, I’m most comfortable naked, and that translates nicely to the page.  Lol.

Your Favorite Girl

Your Favorite Girl opens with twenty-two-year-old housewife Melissa Reed arriving for an appointment at a company called Your Favorite Girl, Incorporated.

After discovering her millionaire husband’s infidelity, Melissa started snooping through his things trying to find evidence of other duplicity and betrayal.  She stumbled across the address and phone number for YFG, Inc., which she assumed was an escort service

When she arrives, though, she finds something else entirely.  YFG, Inc. engineers what they’ve coined Favorite Girls, eighteen-year-old virgins who exist in a state of pure sexual desire, so beautiful and so erotic that no man or woman can resist them.

Not even Melissa.  She signs a contract to purchase the first Favorite Girl she’s shown in the Showcase Hall, and when her Favorite Girl is delivered to her home, everything goes to hell.

Now she finds herself strapped to a table back at YFG, Inc., and she doesn’t know what she’ll have to do to survive.

I don’t want to explain the plot any further.  I’ll wind up telling you the whole story, and that’s bad strategy when you’re trying to sell books.  Lol.  Let’s just say this isn’t your average erotic romance novel.  It has a love story, yes, but it’s a slow-building one.  Love that blossoms out of extraordinary circumstances is always more poignant than love that blossoms out of the mundane.  You won’t see me peddling high school drama and calling it romance.  I’m going to take you places you’ve never been before.  Uncomfortable places.  Scary places.  Explicit places.  Haunting places.  Beautiful places.  Places where your imagination is stimulated as much as your sexual desire.

I don’t expect you to rush to Amazon and drop your money on an author with whom you’re not familiar.  Come to my blog at, if you’re skeptical, and read my new posts for a day or two.  You can get to know me there, get a feel for my writing prowess.  Or you can go to Smashwords and download a free sample in any format.

Your Favorite Girl is the first in a three-book series.  His Favorite Girl and Everyone’s Favorite Girl will both be released this year, so if you take a chance on Book One, you won’t have to wait long for the rest.  I can’t promise you’ll love it or even enjoy it, but what I can promise you is something unique, something unlike what’s out there.

The start to the most explosive erotica series you’ve ever encountered.  Satisfaction guaranteed. 😉

Steph ❤

 You can purchase the novel from:

(currently on sale for $0.99 at time of post)

Amazon US | UK


 If you’d like to find out more on Steph, please check out the following:

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