#FREE #EROTICA – Nikki Haze’s Sexy DJ series stories are FREE!

You’ve seen my reviews of her work on the blog before…and you’ve seen some poems and original stories as well…today I have a VERY special treat! I’d like to share a great, great, great special freebie deal for all of you erotica lovers out there.

Nikki Haze is giving NINE of her Sexy DJ stories away for FREE on Amazon!!! Below you’ll find info and links to grab them over the next days. But hurry…this’ll be the last time they’ll be free for a LONG time! Do NOT miss out.

*Remember, these are EROTIC STORIES…for those who have no interest in this genre, these probably aren’t the books for you.*


I’ve got BIG news, sexy readers and friends!

I am so excited to inform you that 9 (that’s right!) of the Sexy DJ books are available at NO COST all week! Please don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity to catch up on this steamy, debauched series of shorts. Need more convincing?.. Keep reading for excerpts and sexy covers of each and every book and when you’re done snag them all RIGHT HERE.


Sexy DJ 1: Grey Haze

SEXY DJ 1: Grey Haze
Available at NO COST May 16th only

It was sweltering in the club and sweat was dripping down her body as she jammed out in her customized Grey Haze headphones. Juan, the club owner tugged on her arm and motioned for her to take her 10 minute break. Grey stuck her tongue out at him for interrupting her flow and he raised his chin suggestively at her and smiled broadly. He’d wanted to fuck her for the last month since, she moved to Ibiza on from Vegas. He was totally fuckable with those warm brown eyes in his low-slung board shorts that highlighted his rippling abs.

Sexy Dj 2

SEXY DJ2: Redd Haze
Available at NO COST May 15th and 16th only

They entered the VIP booth and Charlie barked at the small number of patrons to scram. He had her bikini bottoms to the ground and was spreading her cunt lips as the hot young VIPs slowly filed out, shooting curious glances their way. Redd noticed that a waitress and male bartender remained by the bar, staring straight ahead.

Redd parted her legs automatically bared herself to him as he ran one long finger down her slit. Charlie licked her cunt and sucked gently on her clit, holding her folds open with his fingers. She was craving penetration, starved for his cock.”Put your fingers inside me, Charlie.”He bit at her clit in sweet punishment before he uttered, “no.”She huffed in frustration and reached down to fill herself with two fingers, but he grabbed her wrist roughly and tugged it away. “I said no, Redd.””Oh, you like being in charge?” She laughed at that, men had tried this with her before and it always ended up with their cock in her ass at her urging. Of course Charlie thought he was in charge, he came to the beach in a business suit. He whispered for her to “shh,” as he wrapped her legs around his shoulders. She gasped when he stood with his face buried in her cunt. She grabbed onto his hair and ground her hips into his mouth. She screamed out when he stuck his tongue deep inside her, giving her the penetration she was craving.


SEXY DJ 3: Indigo Haze
Available at NO COST May 15th and 16th only

(The “Redd Haze On Tour” spinoff starts following this book!)

She slid her lips over Kellan’s thick length and moaned at the feel of his velvety warmth sliding down her throat. He had fistfuls of her blonde hair, gripping her tightly as she heard his moans above all other things. Indigo barely had to move, Will’s relentless cunt fucking slammed her body forward so hard the motion slid her all the way down Kellan’s length and back out again. She slid her other hand to his balls, gripping them firmly and rolling them between her fingers. When she felt how responsive he was to that she dipped her head and sucked each ball into her mouth roughly as she jerked him off.

Will pulled out of her pussy and sunk into her ass with one brutal thrust, which had her dripping wet and so ready to cum for the audience. His wide cock had her asshole stretched so fully. He was wild in his approach to fucking her, his nails digging into her hips so hard he drew blood as he slammed her back towards him. She gasped and released Kellan’s balls, returning to sucking his cock, taking him beyond the back of her throat. She could take any man balls deep, no matter how big or how brutal the face fucking. With each stoke she felt him gasp, pulsing out a drop of pre-cum that dripped right down her throat. He became wild, and she knew he was ready to come. His grip on her hair tightened as he held her head still and began fucking her mouth. Indigo chanced a glance up at Kellan, his bruising expression so sexy, his head thrown back as the pleasure of her mouth wracked his entire body.


REDD HAZE ON TOUR spin-off series

Sexy DJ Redd Tour Eat That Cunt

REDD HAZE ON TOUR 1: Eat That Cunt
Available at NO COST May 15th and 16th only

She lay down on the pillows across from them and spread her legs wide. Her red flesh was raw from a recent brutal fuck, cum dripping from her pussy onto the pillows.

“I just fucked her, see my cum?” Jeremy pushed Redd forward onto all fours and ordered her to crawl towards the slender woman. He slid forward behind her, his cock and fingers still buried deep inside of her cunt and ass. Redd was barely aware that Indigo was starting some sort of gang bang up in the DJ booth. She turned her head, searching through the crowd, before meeting those gorgeous grey eyes for a moment. Jeremy roughly slammed Redd’s head down into the other woman’s pulsing, sloppy cunt.”Suck my cum from that pussy and make her cum.”The other girl reached down and urged Redd through her dripping folds, spreading them for her.

Tour 2

REDD HAZE ON TOUR 2: Watching Nikki
Available at NO COST May 15th and 16th only

Redd Haze was kneeling in the center of the VIP room at Burlesque, her eyes trained on her Mistress and mentor, Nikki Haze. She was exquisitely naked, her breasts firm and tight, her thin body working to expertly tie the ropes around Kyrian Marsh’s wrists and ankles. He was spread wide in the large silk booth, tied to the four wooden columns he’d had installed just for Nikki’s pleasure.

Nikki stepped towards Redd, having grabbed a large blade from her large Louis Vuitton bag. She’d gotten even deeper into her fem-dom role since Redd left for Ibiza. She tipped Redd’s gaze up to hers, those cold blue eyes wild with power. “I want you to watch. I want your pussy to drip without release while I hurt and fuck him.”“Yes, Nikki.” Her words were lost in the commotion of Indigo Haze swearing loudly as she was tossed into the room by two bodyguards. She was naked and covered in cum, her head down as Nikki appraised her. “Kneel,” She ordered, her voice terrifying. They both of knelt side by side and watched Nikki prepare Kyrian. Redd didn’t dare steal a glace at Indigo but she heard the drips of the cum sliding to the carpet. She was panting from the excitement of the crowd she’d just performed for. Redd knew better than anyone else how intoxicating the attention could be. Nikki trailed the long, black blade over Kyrian’s glorious body. He was more muscular than his brother Jeremy, who Redd had just finished fucking downstairs in the club. His cock was larger, too, pointing straight up. She trailed the blade down the center of his chest, over his stomach to the neatly trimmed patch of hair. She cupped his balls and he moaned, thrusting upwards into her hand. Nikki was terrifyingly beautiful, in complete control. Redd knew she was in for a much worse punishment later on. For now, she got to watch which was a reward and torture all in one as she was dying to cum.

Tour 3

Available at NO COST May 15th-May19th

“Enough.” Nikki grabbed the whip from her hand and tossed it aside, pulling Redd forward with her. Indigo’s legs were spread so impossibly wide and Redd watched as Nikki slide her finger into her dripping cunt. She ordered Redd to kneel and finger her ass.

“Good girls,” she mumbled to both of them just as Indigo screamed, her orgasm louder and more terrifying than when she was beaten. It seemed endless and Nikki ordered her to keep her fingers in Indigo’s ass as she ran her hands over the hot red marks. Redd’s cunt prickled at the thought of that edgy feel of an orgasm wracking you with the fresh burn of the whip on your skin. A good beating like this, not the few licks she’d earned earlier. Redd used to crave a good punishment from Nikki. It made her almost pass out until she came again and again form.

Tour 4

REDD HAZE ON TOUR 4: Apology Orgasm
Available at NO COST May 15th-May19th

“I’m not nearly done apologizing, baby.”

“Really?…oh.” Indigo moaned and held onto Redd’s hair as she tongued one of her nipples, pinching the other between her fingers. Redd felt her own naked cunt, slick, sliding up and down Indigo’s belly as she worked her nipples. She could make Grey, back in Ibiza, cum from just this, and she hoped Indigo was the same. There was nothing hotter than being able to cum without any direct stimulation.Indigo bucked wildly underneath Redd, who switched to her other breast biting down hard on her nipple as she felt Indigo go completely liquid beneath her. Her second orgasm was slow and lazy as she moved her hips up and down in the air. She pulled Redd’s lips to her mouth and kissed her as the last rush of her orgasm left her lungs, shooting down Redd’s throat.Redd pouted, she didn’t get to watch that pretty pussy cum for her that time. She was crawling back down the bed. “I need a minute, come here.” She pulled Redd back in her arms and kissed her again. “Why are you so good at getting me off?”

Tour 5

Available at NO COST May 15th and 16th only

She curled both legs around the pole and held on with her toned arms spreading her legs wide before turning upside down as she controlled her fall down the poll. When she was three feet above the crowd, still upside down, she wrapped her legs around the pole and ground into it, humping it in an undulating motion until her body shook with a screaming orgasm.

It was all she could do from dropping into the crowd; she had to force herself to hold onto the pole. When her body settled again, she spread her legs to them, wide, so they could see her still pulsing cunt. She slid the rest of the way down the pole, into the waiting arms of the ten guards.


And as a bonus (because I love my Redd & Grey DJ’s the most)…

Sexy DJ 5

SEXY DJ 5: Cunt Race
Available at NO COST May 16th and 17th only

Redd spread her legs wide to allow for fingers in her cunt and ass. Before Grey even lowered her face to Redd’s pussy she’d come again. “I love how you cum for me.” Grey trailed a finger up to length of her sopping wet cunt lips.

“I love how you make me cum,” she heard Redd say before her lips came down on her cunt, with four hard pulls of her clit, Redd came again, squirting her juices down the back of Grey’s throat. She lapped at her thighs and then kissed her way up her body.


I know you will get as juiced up reading them as I did writing them, especially for you! Please, if you have a moment, review the books on Amazon afterwards and let me know what you think of my favorite series.

Get them all RIGHT HERE!


I hope you were able to grab them all. I also hope that you enjoy them as much as I have! Please, as Nikki mentioned in the post, if you can leave a review, even a few words on how you felts about the stories, it’d be greatly appreciated. All authors could use feedback, love, a stern talking to 😉

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