#FREE – The Sin Collector, by Jessica Fortunato

We all know, here in the US, that Sunday is Mother’s Day and we should be bowing down to our mothers’ feet and showering them with presents….well, what better way to do that than to give her a book? And you can even treat yourself to a great book as well!

Jessica Fortunato is the author of various books, including The Sin Collector. And as a present to mothers who love to read, and their children and all other readers everywhere, she’s putting her first novel, The Sin Collector, in your hands for FREE!!!!

The Sin Collector

The Sin Collector follows the life of Liliana, a born Sin Collector. She has spent over 100 years absorbing people’s sins so they may rest in peace come death. However when she meets another Collector, one who insists everything she has been taught is a lie, Liliana must make her way from Sunny L.A. all the way to the streets of Madrid. Searching for answers to a question we all share. Why are we here? The friends and enemies she makes along the way only seem to blur the line between right and wrong. Can Liliana fight the Castus, an organization bent on killing off every Sin-Eater? Should she trust her head or her heart when the two most important men in her life are fighting alongside her?

Then there is the worst question of all, who will be left when the dust settles.

♠ Now would you like a copy of this book? I thought so! You can find it over on AMAZON for free today May 11th and tomorrow the 12th! ♠

And if you’d like to check out Fortunato’s other work, she has a short companion novella to this novel and an unrelated but great short story.

The Sin Collector: Thomas


About the Author:

Jessica Fortunato is a writer in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

She has been a freelance reviewer for the past three years. She has always loved a supernatural aspect to literature, as well as the addition of theology, so it is no surprise that her debut novel “The Sin Collector” combines just that.

She has been a waitress, a cook, a librarian, a book binder, nanny, and even a hairdresser when the occasion calls for it. However writing is her main focus and she is thrilled to share the first installment of what she hopes will be a a beloved book series.

You can find more on the author at the following links:

♠       Website
♠        Twitter
♠        Facebook
♠        Goodreads
♠        Amazon Author Page

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