Review: Unelmoija, by Elle Boca

Title: Unelmoija, The Dreamshifter
Author: Elle Boca
Rating: 3.5/5 Stars

“While her mother is out of town dealing with a difficult situation she leaves Amy, her teenage daughter alone in Miami. The girl discovers something startling about her family and that she is a member of a human like race with special powers. Little does she know that even among those people her powers are so unique someone may want to kill her.


*Note: Unlike most of what I read/review on here, this story is yet to be published, or have an upcoming date. I’ve received an advanced copy for review. Keep an eye out for more information on it’s availability in the future. 


I’m always interested in picking up work by new, or soon to be new, published authors. When Elle Boca came to me with this story and i’s premise, I took the chance at it. I’m glad I did. Boca has a great story here, especially for a début.

Unelmoija is the start of what I feel can be a great series, and in finishing it was wanted to read more. Boca sets the reader up with characters that are likable. Some are a bit mysterious and this adds to the overall story as it unfolds. I especially liked the paranormal element to Amy’s race, the “parahumans.” While it might not be the most creative name, Amy’s ability in particular was something that intrigued me. I won’t reveal what it is because it’ll be better for a reader to see it first hand, but it’s something I’d like to see explored more in the future, and I have no doubt that it’ll come into play. To go along with the parahuman’s power is the mention that there must be a balance in using their abilities. I found the various ways in which this is accomplished to add to the story.

While I enjoyed the story, there were some things that didn’t work for me as a reader. The dialogue at times was a bit rough around the edges. For the most part it flowed right on through, but it could get a little repetitive in what was being said or lacked in certain ways. Something else that fell flat at times was the language use. Synonyms could have added a bit to the reading. I recall one sentence in which the same noun was used multiple times , when I feel that changing it up a little with another word could have been beneficial.

I can’t get into detail about this next part, but I feel it needs a vague mention. The ending, which I always try to avoid discussing, was a little awkward. To me it just stopped in mid-paragraph, or at the very least, in mid-scene. The story was wrapping up, so that wasn’t an issue. It leads into a (possible) next story. But when I was reading, I felt that I was missing, maybe, a few more sentences to finish it all up.

Despite some issues I had with this story, I can see great potential is the story that Boca presents to us. Amy’s life is an interesting one, and I can see how it can soon get much more interesting, even possibly to an epic proportion later on with some hints at what this race of parahumans is capable of.


About the Author

You can find Elle Boca over on Twitter.

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