Review: Twitter Crush, by Kitty Fine

Title: Twitter Crush (Valentine’s Day Sex Slut Stories #1)Twitter Crush
Author: Kitty Fine
Rating: 4/5 Stars

“Cat, an erotica writer, has fantasized about her Twitter crush for weeks. His tweets make her wet and weak, but she fights to keep her anonymity and professionalism with him. She thinks Valentine’s Day won’t be anything special, until he volunteers to show up in real life to give her some hands-on help with her erotica stories. The long awaited meeting turns into a hot Valentine’s Day sex affair when she gets her wish to get up close and personal with her Twitter crush.

Formerly published as “Twitter Fuck Buddy” on January 24, 2012, this is the first erotica short story in the 3-story series, Valentine’s Day Sex Slut Stories.

Warning: For adults 18+ only! This erotic short story contains explicit sex and language.” (description from Goodreads)


This story originally piqued my interest when I first saw its former title Twitter Fuck Buddy. It was in the back of my mind to check it out and even though I waited a bit to get my hands on a copy, the wait wasn’t in vain. I also feel that Twitter Crush is a more fitting title, after having read it.

I liked the concept of this story most. I’m always interested to see how a writer, especially a writer of erotica, will write a character who is a writer. And in this case, again, it’s an erotica writer writing about an erotica writer. On top of that, Twitter is thrown in. It’s a social media tool many authors use and for a story like this the question of how much is influenced by real life pops up. I’m not trying to imply that Kitty Fine had any real life similarities to the story line. But it’s a question that could come to mind for many stories in many genres. Sometimes I feel it could at a bit more entertainment to the reading of the story if you try to place the fiction in a real world setting.

I also enjoyed the characters. There was a nice set up of the relationship between the two main characters which helped the story progress. It was also nice to see how the relationship developed into what it is. To go along with all the sexy parts of the story, the rest was great as well. It aided in my enjoyment of the characters by putting a plot into the story instead of just getting down to the naughty stuff. I’d like to read more about Cat’s character mainly and see more of her erotica author mind…especially what an encounter like this could inspire.

What to expect from Twitter Crush is a quick, sexy read with a different way to look at social media relations.


You can purchase a copy of Twitter Crush from:

Amazon | Smashwords (under its old title) | Kobo (under its old title)B&N (under its old title)


About the Author:

Kitty Fine writes sex stories and erotica, getting inspiration from her own wild days and her naturally naughty mind. A former Catholic school girl, stripper and nympho, she aims to please with her bad girl sex stories and her vivid imagination. She writes hardcore erotic stories that make her readers as hot as she gets writing them.

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