Review: Lost in the Seven Worlds, by Petronela Ungureanu

Title: Lost in the Seven WorldsLost in the Seven Worlds
Author: Petronela Ungureanu
Rating: 3/5 Stars

“Lost in the Seven Worlds is the debut work of Petronela Ungureanu, an avante-garde Romanian writer.

When a young woman finds herself captive in another world, she makes the mistake of falling for one of the disgraced beings. In the name of love, she is confronted with a most disturbing demand and faces a crucial decision. Will she remain lost in the Seven Worlds, or will she accept the challenge of a love beyond mortality?” (description from Goodreads)


This début story from Ungureanu caught my attention from the blurb alone. It sounded like an interesting story line. I’m glad I read this one, but I feel that it was still a bit rough around the edges.

This is a short story of around 6000 words. There are parts of the short story form that I feel worked for the story, but I feel it may have also hindered the story from fully developing. There is a place very unlike Earth in this story, and outside of the Seven Worlds. Of those the characters only visit one of them, and it’s for a brief time. I don’t feel that the title fits with this either, because the main character, if anything, is lost in the world of the Daevas because that’s where she was held. But it’s not part of the seven worlds, (at least not how I read it in the story).

Another thing that irked me a bit was, what I feel is, the overuse of ellipses in the dialogue. I don’t mind when they are used occasionally. There is a place for them in dialogue, and a bit in the regular prose, but in the later half of the book I felt that there came about too frequently and became cumbersome to the reading. There are other ways to create the same effect of the “…” without having to use them each time.

Even though I feel that the ending was a little rushed and left more questions than conclusions, I did enjoy the story. I liked the Daevas and how they were described. The world building wasn’t very extensive, but it worked for the most part for a short piece. I feel that the relationships between the characters could have been fleshed out more to help sympathize with those the reader might be on the fence with, in the who to like/trust way. But there’s a good basis for something much larger and even more enjoyable here.

The ending, while I can’t really get into it due to my avoidance of spoilers, left me wanting to know more about what the author was trying to convey. There’s a great deal more to be known about the Daevas and this mysterious realm where humans are outsiders. I hope that Ungureanu explores it more and shares with her readers.


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About the Author:

Petronela Ungureanu is a fantasy writer and a journalist living in a picturesque part of poetic Romania. She takes great pleasure in simple things like walking barefoot in the grass, or reading Jane Austen in front of a good fire, surrounded by her numerous purring cats. When the time feels right, she mysteriously withdraws in her favorite corner where she concocts fantastical stories about elves, fairies, gnomes and other wondrous creatures.

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