Review: Wuthering Nights, by I.J. Miller

Title: Wuthering Nights
Author: I.J. Miller (and Emily Brontë)
Rating: 4/5 Stars

“Romantics everywhere have been enthralled by Emily Bronte’s classic novel of the tragic love between beautiful, spirited Catherine Earnshaw and dark, brooding Heathcliff. The restrained desire between these two star-crossed lovers has always smoldered on the page. And now it ignites into an uncontrollable blaze.

In WUTHERING NIGHTS, writer I.J. Miller reimagines this timeless story to reveal the passion between Catherine and Heathcliff–in all its forbidden glory.

Set against the stark, raw beauty of the English moors, Heathcliff, an abandoned orphan, recognizes his soulmate in wild, impulsive Catherine, the only woman who can tame his self-destructive nature. And Catherine cannot deny the all-consuming desire she feels for him, despite his low birth. Together they engage in a fiery affair–one that will possess them, enslave them, and change their destinies forever…” (description from Goodreads)

When I saw the title of this one, and that it was an erotic retelling of the classic novel, Wuthering Heights, my interest was grabbed. There are a number of authors who go about adding his or her own spin to stories from the literary canon. Wuthering Nights stuck out from many other similar titles out there.

What I found in this novel is that Miller made use of a well-written characters and a story line  but really made it a story of its own. From the start, I was drawn into the setting of the Heights and later on the Grange, as well as the beauty and dangers at the moors. I feel that the way the characters were written in with these settings made it all stick in my mind even better. For a reader like me, a reader who doesn’t read many historical novels due to the language style used, to enjoy the writing of this book, I think that is the icing on the top of this novel. Without the accessibility a more “modern” reader like me found in this novel coupled with writing more true to Brontë herself than Miller’s contemporaries, I may have been less interested through to the end than I was.

Another thing I enjoyed about Wuthering Nights is the way the erotic element was thrown in. It never once felt out-of-place. There were a lot of steamy moments between all of the characters. I liked that there was also a great deal of romance mixed in. This wasn’t a book that was to add “smut” to a classic. Miller worked descriptive sex scenes that only enhanced the emotions between the characters, as well as pushed much of the plot along in Miller’s own way, making this story the author’s own without following a straightforward blueprint set up by Brontë.

If you’re looking to relive a classic or to experience the Wuthering Heights story for the first time, or just looking for an enjoyable erotic novel that’s a little different than others out there, Wuthering Nights might be a novel to check out.

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About the Author

I have published five literary works of erotic fiction: the novels SEESAW and WHIPPED, the novella CLIMBING THE STAIRS, the short story collection SEX AND LOVE. I have been translated into German and Spanish. WUTHERING NIGHTS, an erotic retelling of Emily Bronte’s WUTHERING HEIGHTS, is due out in January 29, 2013 as an e-book and April 23, 2013 as a trade paperback. Any erotic material is always there to enhance the story, develop the plot, reveal character. Keep smiling!

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