Burning the Nail Poetry Challenge – Poet: C.Q. Rowan

Welcome, one and all, to a challenge catered to inspire the poet’s heart in each of us.  A poem, any length and style, to be written about the chosen theme: Burning the Nail. So, what the heck does that mean? That is where the fun begins.Red hot nails


Thank you everyone that participated in our poetry challenge.  The submissions were amazingly diverse and deep, taking our theme in so many different ways. We are in awe of all of you.  We thought that perhaps it was time to give everyone a peek behind the curtain and tell you the story behind BURNING THE NAIL.  So, what does it actually mean? We have no idea.  Sheila’s youngest child came up with it.  It was a favorite lyric substitution to many different songs from lullabies to heavy metal.

“I think I heard it sung for a least a week straight, both whispered quietly while playing to singing loudly with the radio in the car.  The more I heard it, the more it called to me.  What could this really mean? ”

So, now you know the truth. The words of a child; molded and shaped into a series of incredible works of poetry.  Isn’t it amazing what such a simple phrase can be transformed into?

Eternally Grateful,

Sheila Hall and Robert Zimmermann 

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Burning the Nail
by C.Q. Rowan

Truly the most amazingly beautiful woman I have ever seen.
Standing before me now, elegant…magnificent,
Hinting toward coyness, an evening not long forgotten,
and now I see that she was right all along.

Stunning perfect, she looked magical,
wearing nothing… next to nothing,
she did not boast.
Modesty and beauty in an angelic creature,
I cannot think straight in her presence,
She controls every fiber of my being.

Her haunting white skin glowing moonlight,
Falls through open doors at the end of the room,
Long sheer curtain float around her like gossamer webs,
Keeping the room in ethereal trances.

“I’ve never done this before.” she claimed,
Neither have I…
The lie settles on the breeze
and is taken where it may,
Hoping she would not challenge it.

Anticipation… need, partners in the same dance,
All waiting with breath held,
To fully realize the ecstasy in this need,
Only a touch away from salvation for us.

I reach, she does not flinch away from my touch,
“I’ve dreamed of you”,
“But, I am not a dream…” reaching,
“You are everything I have dreamed of.”

The moment has come for each of us,
To put aside all the timidness,
To be one with the other,
To touch a piece of heaven on earth.

Her skin, cold and then hot; together,
Warming to both my touch and my need,
She reached down and took hold of me,
Seeing I was willing to give it all to her.

We tangle for hours in the gossamer paradise,
Teaching each other, tasting each other,
The eagerness settles in and turns to pure lust,
Giving way to desire previously unfelt.

She gives to me like no other could,
And I give back to her with all I have,
Enveloped by her mouth and hands,
I live and die by feeble strands.

Licking and biting are gifts I give,
Until her need is quenched,
She moans a name that is not mine,
But, I long to live up to for eternity.

Desire, lust, passion, all we think about or want,
And, that wanting will never be fulfilled,
but we endeavor to try,
Reaching for each other again this night
without seeing the end in sight.

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C.Q. Rowan

I write about sex, passion and love…tantalizing thoughts and impulses. We all dream in deep, wet, heated colors and sounds full of fire and lust. I choose to share mine.

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