Burning the Nail Poetry Challenge – Poet: Sheila Hall

Welcome, one and all, to a challenge catered to inspire the poet’s heart in each of us.  A poem, any length and style, to be written about the chosen theme: Burning the Nail. So, what the heck does that mean? That is where the fun begins.Red hot nails


Thank you everyone that participated in our poetry challenge.  The submissions were amazingly diverse and deep, taking our theme in so many different ways. We are in awe of all of you.  We thought that perhaps it was time to give everyone a peek behind the curtain and tell you the story behind BURNING THE NAIL.  So, what does it actually mean? We have no idea.  Sheila’s youngest child came up with it.  It was a favorite lyric substitution to many different songs from lullabies to heavy metal.

“I think I heard it sung for a least a week straight, both whispered quietly while playing to singing loudly with the radio in the car.  The more I heard it, the more it called to me.  What could this really mean? ”

So, now you know the truth. The words of a child; molded and shaped into a series of incredible works of poetry.  Isn’t it amazing what such a simple phrase can be transformed into?

Eternally Grateful,

Sheila Hall and Robert Zimmermann 

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by Sheila Hall

The cold and empty darkness,
like a mother’s womb,
cradling my fragile soul
within its silent embrace.
Broken and weary, I lay down and rest.

Time holds no meaning here.
Outside worries,
stares and whispers from those
both close and unknown do not penetrate
my makeshift armor.

I am safe here; alone.
Memories repeating of better days,
before my world was lit aflame and
I shattered into jagged pieces
unable to reconnect together again.

But the air grows stale.
My nerves are awakening
with a raw intensity;
ready to emerge from this
self-imposed coffin of deliberate ignorance.

And I burn away another nail off of the lid.

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Sheila Hall

Lover, writer, poet, and all around flirt.  Currently writing for TheDarkerHalf.com while drinking copious amounts of coffee… Come to the darker side of fun, we have cookies.


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