Review: Chains and Firelight, by CJ Yates

Title: Chains And Firelight
Author: CJ Yates
Rating: 4/5 Stars

“Erotic micro fiction involving chains and firelight

500 Words

Sexually Explicit” (description from Goodreads)

line-37709I’m still new to the world of erotic poetry, but I’m not new to poetry in general at all. I think for one of my first erotic poems to read, this was a good one.

While being in poetry form, it resembled a prose story in many ways. I think that’s what helped it more along well, while being able to hold bad slightly in places. Where a story normally needs more words to convey itself, a poem can be short and evoke the reader’s imagination and interpretation in a different way.

Because of the prose poem feel that I found, I feel it could have used a little more punctuation here and there. But that, to be honest, is a poetry pet peeve of mine in general. It helps the flow and aids in readers not stumbling where a pause “should” go.

All-in-all Yates has written a sexy read, and it happens to be in the form of a poem. That’s a plus.


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About the Author

There are two things that completely fascinate me – the creative process and sex. I love laying in bed, in the dark, imagining things. These stories are the result of that. They come from that place – the dark. I like to think my stories contain an element of artistry (don’t all?). But honestly, I write from a place that sometimes I don’t understand. But it is a journey, and I hope you enjoy it along with me.

And thank you.

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