Review: The Barista, by J.T. Craig

Title: The Barista (Coffeehouse Mysteries)The Barista
Author: J.T. Craig
Rating: 2/5 Stars

“Everyone knows that coffeehouses are full of weird people. Most of the time it’s the customers who have a story to tell. That is not always the case…” (description from Goodreads)


When I saw this, what grabbed me was that it says six pages in length (according to Amazon) and that it’s a “mystery.” I wanted to know how, if it’s possible, an author can write an effective mystery in such a small amount of words.

I don’t think this story really worked for me. There really wasn’t a mystery element to speak of. At least, there wasn’t a resolution to my questions. I felt more like I was reading a summary of what could be a novel…a great novel possibly. I think there is too much story potential that’s trying to be condensed. There’s more to  Vera’s life and to her as a character that wasn’t addressed. I wanted to know more, and I wanted to understand her more, but it wasn’t there.

The mixture of sections written at the present time and flash-back scenes was also, for me, overused in such small space. It was a little awkward to go back and forth with this technique and it ruined the flow of my reading.

Despite these issues, there is another story (of the same length) written about the antagonist in The Barista, that might be on my wishlist soon. It’s called The Regular and being that it’s about this mysterious man, I might end up reading it to find some closure to The Barista.


You can purchase a copy of The Barista from:

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