Review: The Eslites, by CM Doporto

Title: The EslitesThe Eslites
Author: CM Doporto
Rating: 3/5 Stars

“Sixteen year old, Miranda Mays, discovers she is a superior donor for the alien race known as the Eslites, who have come to earth demanding humans to help save their race from extinction. Will she be the one to help them or will their quest continue?” (description from Goodreads)”


There was an interesting concept to this story. Though, I think that it’s a concept better fleshed out in a longer piece. I’m a fan of short stories, but I feel that this one was in need of a little world building at the very least.

While reading questions continued to pop into my head about just what kind of events lead to this alien race coming into control in the way they did. Also, the use of the term “state of the art” occurred often, but there was nothing to base that off of. This was obviously a futuristic story, but what is state of the art when it comes to a world that’s already going to be state of the art to the reader of today?

I also had questions arise near the end (which I won’t get into due to them spoiling things). The characters knew more than I did as a reader, and I think that it limited my understanding of why some themes were brought up in the end.

All in all, with me still having questions and also zipping right through this one, I think I’ll be looking forward to book 2, “The Coming,” when it is released.


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About the Author

CM Doporto lives in the great state of Texas with her husband and son enjoying life with their extensive family along with their Chihuahua, Mexican Redhead Parrot and several fish.

She writes Young Adult and New Adult Urban Fantasy stories about ordinary women who do extraordinary things, become a heroine, and find love along the way.

She writes a heroine blog at:

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