Story Swap with Erotic Author, Nikki Haze!

Today I have the pleasure to bring you a brand new story from the amazing erotic author Nikki Haze. If you’ve been by the blog recently, you may have seen a number of my reviews for her short stories. She’s a great writer and really needs to slow down. Just when I think I’ve read most of her stories, she puts out 3 more. It’s a never-ending battle and she keeps steaming along with sexy characters and encounters.

Haze and I have been helping each other out lately and not only was she a great help in me polishing up my first ever erotic story Breakfast in Bed, but she’s also responsible for my second erotic venture, Closing Time. What brought that story and the story you’re about to read into existence is the prompt you see below. We both took this prompt and the idea of writing a 500 word story off of it…well let’s just say we didn’t know when to stop. Nikki write about 800 words, and I doubled that.

I hope you enjoy Nikki Haze’s story. If you do, please let her know in the comment section below, or go stalk her on Twitter 😉 We’d like to do this again in the future, so let us know you want more!

P.S. – These stories are technically part of Haze’s Quick and Dirty series. If you’d like to submit your own work, find more info about that here.

Female lawyer walks into a crowded bar in a rush and taps impatiently on the bar.  She collapses on the stool and waits for the whisky with her head in her hands.  Just as the bartender slides her the drink someone taps on her shoulder.


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Hate Fucking

Willow collapsed in the rickety wooden stool and snapped at the bartender for a double.  He was a grungy rocker who’d flirted shamelessly with her all week, but she was in no mood tonight.  She dropped her briefcase to the ground and removed her suit jacket.

He slid the amber liquid across the bar towards her and she downed it in one gulp, motioning for a second.  The courthouse was across the street so she was a regular at the bar.  Knowing her sad, sick behavior by now, the sexy bartender just gave her the whole bottle and nodded, his eyes full of pity.

Well, fuck him.


Willow had given up on filling the glass and was drinking straight from the bottle when someone tapped roughly on her shoulder.  She spun around and came face to face with the cocky slime of a defense attorney Shawn Tunkle.

“Are you fucking kidding me Tunkle?”

“Last call!” the bartended directed at them.

Willow shot him a poisonous look and he held out his hands in a conciliatory gesture.  The rest of the patrons began to pay up and file out.

“You’re a mess, Harris.  Giving up on the case so soon, are you?”

She turned around and tried to ignore him, but there wasn’t enough whiskey in the world to keep her from biting.  “Come here to gloat?”

Ignoring her question, he sat down on the empty stool next to her and took the bottle from her hand, tipping it backwards.  His eyes met hers as he gulped back the liquid.  The bar was empty, save for the two of them.  Even the bartender had disappeared to the back.

“Oh yeah, cozying up to the judge and playing dirty must really make you need a drink.”

He wiped his mouth and smiled at her.  “Worked up a real appetite for something.”

She scoffed and looked away, gritting her teeth as she grabbed the bottle back from him.  “Why are you here?”

“Wow, you really hate me,” he noted with mild interest.

“Oh Jeez, I’m sorry Tunkle, am I supposed to pretend I like you?”  She tipped the bottle upwards and opened up her throat to the sweet burn. Fucking cunt bucket with his arrogant fake white smile.

“When I hate someone you know what I do, Harris?”

“Enlighten me, shit bag.”

“I fuck them.”  His hand was on her knee, sliding up under the hem of her skirt.  She slammed the bottled down on the table and looked at him with her mouth hanging open as he slipped his fingers past her panties and found her clit.

She instantly responded to him, grabbing his hand and shoving his fingers deep in her cunt. He finger fucked her until she was close, rubbing her clit against the inside of his wrist.

“Take off your pants and lie down on the bar.”

He raised an eyebrow at her but stood and began unbuckling his pants.

“I’m the one that hates you.  I get to do the fucking, Tunkle.”

She slid off her panties and kicked off her heels as she waited for him to climb atop the mahogany bar.  His dick was big despite her assumptions but she told him otherwise.

“Small, huh?”  He fisted his length in his hand.

She nodded, “One of the smallest I’ve ever seen.”

“Are you guys fucking kidding me!”  She heard the bartender call out from the back entrance.  “Jesus Christ.”

Willow smiled at him as she hiked up her skirt.  “Call the fucking cops.  I’m the assistant District Attorney, let’s see if I decide to press charges against me.”  Willow closed her eyes and moaned as she sunk her pussy down onto Tunkle’s thick cock.

“She’s… ah, not kidding.”

“Shut up and rub my clit, asshole!”

Willow rode him hard as he twisted at her clit, pinching it hard between two fingers.  The bartender stood in the corner with his arms crossed, watching them her with intense interest.  Willow locked eyes with him as she came, gasping out her hatred for Tunkle as her toes curled and her body shuddered with her release.

Before allowing him to finish, Willow climbed off his cock and slid off the bar.  He muttered his disbelief at her leaving him high and dry.  He fisted his cock, lying back on the bar and jerking himself off as he swore at her repeatedly.

Hate fuck, Tunkle.  It was your idea.”  She picked up her bag and walked towards the back entrance where the bartender remained, staring at her.  “Good luck tomorrow, asshole,” she called back at him.

“Maybe if I end up winning tomorrow it will be you on that bar.”  She winked flirtatiously at the bartender as she walked out the door.  “Probably if I lose too,” she added before the door swung shut.


About the Author:

Nikki Haze is a multi-published erotica author with a large twitter and blog following. She write’s about bi-curious and straight characters in decadent situations. She often writes about exhibitionism and group sex; usually both at the same time! She likes her climatic scenes to end with everyone covered in cum. The craziest place she’s ever had sex is her building’s lobby. She currently has over 20 titles available on Amazon

She loves to hear from fans and is a huge supporter of her fellow erotica writers! #writersunite

Website | Twitter | Goodreads | Amazon

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