Review: The Fantasy, by Nicole Ryan

Title: The FantasyThe Fantasy
Author: Nicole Ryan
Rating: 4/5 Stars

“Short Story. Just over 5,000 words.
There was a time when Charles and I were more passionate about life. There was a time when I would dream all day long while I folded laundry or while I cleaned the bathroom, about having him inside me the night before. I’d be so over worked by the time he’d come home from work that I’d tear his clothes off before he even hung his keys up. It wasn’t that we’d let ourselves go over the years, we were still very attracted to one another, but something was gone.” (description from Goodreads)


The Fantasy is a short story that caught me by surprise. It starts with a great set up of the characters and their relationship. This lead me to sympathizing with Charles and Jennifer’s situation and need for a little spice in their marriage.

What I wasn’t expecting was the type of action that took place later on in the story. It was a welcome addition to the story because it came out of nowhere in my opinion. I almost wish there were a few more pages added in order to prolong the sexy scenes. I see room for a definite sequel, or more, dealing with these two characters. I’m interested to find out the aftermath of this night of fantasy and what it did for their marriage.


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About the Author:

I am a self published author, I just do my own thing, with explicit sex scenes and BDSM sprinkled about… plots are usually small and to the point, no use drawing out too long between steamy scenes, right? If you’re looking for fifty shades or crossfire you won’t find that here,they are not the inspiration for my erotica, though they have been for many others. If you’re looking for a quick, steamy read that isn’t just straight up porn, has a little bit of a plot element to it, and get’s you hot and bothered, you’ve come to the right place! I write what I was always looking for but never found, I hope I can give you what you’re looking for too! I always keep you updated on upcoming stories, and share excerpts and snippets from my stories on my website, and blog if you’d like to try a sample before deciding on a story!

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