Review(s): 2 Stories by Nikki Haze

Title: Grey Haze (Sexy DJ #1)Sexy DJ 1: Grey Haze
Author: Nikki Haze
Rating: 4/5 Stars

“It’s a typical night for DJ Grey Haze in Ibiza’s hottest club, or is it? Grey ditches her body guards and gets rescued from a mob by a sexy stranger with a kink for public displays of fucking!

Exhibitionism, Spanking, and all around decadence!

It was sweltering in the club and sweat was dripping down her body as she jammed out in her customized Grey Haze headphones. Juan, the club owner tugged on her arm and motioned for her to take her 10 minute break. Grey stuck her tongue out at him for interrupting her flow and he raised his chin suggestively at her and smiled broadly. He’d wanted to fuck her for the last month since, she moved to Ibiza on from Vegas. He was totally fuckable with those warm brown eyes in his low-slung board shorts that highlighted his rippling abs.” (description Goodreads)


As the first story in Nikki Haze’s Sexy DJ series, Grey Haze was a great set up. The reader finds out right away that “sexy” isn’t in the title just as an attention grabber. The character, Grey Haze, and this story of the same name are both in-your-face sexy.

I liked the setting of this one. It takes place in the hottest club on the island of Ibiza, employs the hottest DJs, and only allows the hottest people in. This is the perfect recipe for a fun time. I enjoyed Grey’s playfulness and devil-may-care attitude. If it weren’t for her, this story would probably have come up short. Having sex in front of a packed club probably helped too.

We’re also introduced briefly to Redd Haze, which only adds to the intrigue of what kind of trouble these sexy DJs can round-up.

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Title: Working CloselyWorking closely cover
Author: Nikki Haze
Rating: 4/5 Stars

“Lisa’s hates Mondays, but when a sexy new co-worker joins the team and shows interest in her things begin to look up


His knee on hers was replaced with the tips of his fingers, gliding dangerously over the hem of her dress under the table. Her cunt was moistening and she felt her nipples tighten, straining painfully against the cups of her push-up bra. Lisa kept her gaze averted and pretended to take notes until the meeting ended.

She finally stood, meeting his eyes, “my office?”

She hadn’t meant to sound so suggestive, but knew there was no way to say it to Gregory without it sounding like a come on. Not after he’d nearly fingered her during the Monday meeting. From the look on Gregory’s face his thoughts were tangled in the gutter right along hers.” (description from Goodreads)


Here’s another enjoyable short read from Nikki Haze. It actually makes Monday’s at the office seem like they could be bearable…

While an erotica taking place in the workplace isn’t uncommon to find, this one brings its own character to the scenario; Mondays. If having a quickie with a new co-worker happened more often in life, I think more people would start looking forward to Mondays. The main character Lisa has a bad case of the Mondays, but that’s soon to end once her co-worker points out the new guy. What happens next isn’t nothing short of a good time for those reading it.

If you’re looking for a little enjoyment at the beginning of a long work-week, or just work-day, Working Closely might give you that pick-me-up you’re looking for.

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