Review: Sexy Stranger Game, by Nikki Haze

Title: Sexy Stranger GameSexy stranger game cover
Author: Nikki Haze
Rating: 4/5 Stars

“Supermodel Zara Sayre and Billionaire Finlay Scott find a way to make an obligatory gala into some sexy fun!

Quick 2,000 word hot and steamy read to get your juices going!


He walked towards where Zara stood in the corner of the ballroom. She saw his cock was hard through his trousers and his pace grew to a near manic jog. He grabbed two glasses of champagne from a waiter’s tray and slid one into her waiting grasp.

‘I’m Finlay,’ his smooth british accent started.
‘Oh, I know you are, Mr. Scott,’ she nearly winked.” (description from Goodreads)


“Quick 2,000 word hot and steamy read to get your juices going!”

Sounds about right for this story. This was a quick read, and it wasted no time getting down and dirty. What I really enjoyed was the power struggle between Zara and Finlay. There’s something about reading the back and forth of the dominate role that really worked for this one. I also feel that the knowledge that both characters were playing a role, to spice things up, was great.

Even though Finlay is a billionaire, this one doesn’t take the route of so many other billionaire erotica stories I’ve been seeing following the BDSM trend lately (not that that’s an issue, I’ve enjoyed my share of them). This story makes the high-profile couple seem like two average people just looking to add a little excitement to their relationship, and the author conveys this through role-playing of a random chance encounter.

All of this coupled with a nicely polished writing style, set it apart for many erotic stories that are readily available for our reading pleasure. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this story to people. I think it’s an enjoyable read.


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