Review: The Billionaire Who Cloned Me, by A. Violet End

Title: The Billionaire Who Cloned Me (Diary of a Fuckdoll pt 5)Cloned Me
Author: A. Violet End
Rating: 4/5 Stars

“Diary of a Fuckdoll Part 5 promises to deliver more kinky sex and depraved acts as Tristan continues to pursue ownership of Lisa. Waking from a coma, Lisa is at first unable to remember–legitimately, this time–how she got into this mess, and is in turns confused and slaked by Tristan’s treatment of her, physically & emotionally as well as medically. When Lisa overhears Tristan receiving a blow job from a flight attendant on their way to Dubai, she decides to go off her meds just to see what happens. What comes next is a life-changing experience she’ll never forget, pitting her against the man whose throbbing hot cock she adores, but whose dominance she loves to hate. Who will prevail? Discover how the wealthy men of the world bond over blondes and sex alongside Lisa in this leg of her journey: THE BILLIONAIRE WHO CLONED ME, Diary of a Fuckdoll part 5.” (description from Goodreads)


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A. Violet End has stepped it up another notch with The Billionaire Who Cloned Me, part 5 of Diary of a Fuckdoll. This is no longer the story of Lisa trying to get away from the controlling billionaire Tristan. This is now an erotic story of a woman’s struggle between what she knows is right and what her body wants to tell her is the what she should enjoy and be passionate about.

Having access to the most advanced pharmaceuticals medications not even on the market, Tristan can control his toy, Lisa, in more ways than anyone can imagine. Just how far with one more go to brainwash a woman to do his sexual bidding?

What I really enjoyed about this one, is the addition of these advanced medicines and another medical advancement I won’t mention. It added a near-future, sci-fi element to the story-line that was very unexpected. I really want to know where the story can go from here. Adding this new seemingly unlimited amount of control over Lisa makes it seem like there’s no way out. At times she doesn’t want a way out. At other times, she wants nothing but to be able to run away. The conflicting emotions, both drug induced and natural, are what keeps me coming back for more.

I don’t know if I can wait until the next installment comes out to see what fate has in story for Lisa. I’m ever intrigued by A. Violet End’s plans for Lisa.


You can grab this story from:
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You can purchase part 4 from:
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If you’d like to get the bundle of parts 1-3:
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About the Author:

A. Violet End is a professional writer and classy lady with a perverted imagination. She likes fairy tales. She likes twisting things to her satisfaction. Enjoy her take on the Grimm Brothers’ European folklore, would you? If that’s not your thing, then try her billionaire sicko boyfriend fantasy series, The Billionaire Who… for the story of a naughty rich guy and the flight attendant he has his way with, over and over again. Good clean fun, right?

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