Review: The Billionaire Who… (Part 1-3) by A. Violet End

Title: The Billionaire Who… (Diary of a Fuckdoll parts 1-3)The Billionaire Who... (1-3)
Author: A. Violet End
Rating: 4/5 Stars

“Available for a limited time, The Billionaire Who Boned Me, Owned Me, and Stoned me, beneath the same supple cover!

Lisa can’t understand how she keeps ending up in this mess. Tristan is anything but the ideal boyfriend. Although he’s rich and incredibly good looking, he’s into kinky sex and he often whisks her away without asking her first. Plus, the bruises from the rough sex he calls BDSM are starting to make her co-workers wonder. Follow the story so far in these first three episodes, and be ready for The Billionaire Who Phoned Me, now available!

By A. Violet End, author of the popular Grimm & Dirty Sex Tales, this original series is her entry into the billionaire smut genre, and she brings with it the same twisted, biting wit readers have come to appreciate in her depraved versions of folklore, made-sexy.

Grab the extra batteries and get cozy. This is one slippery hot read.” (description from Goodreads)


If you’d like to read my individual reviews of the first three parts of Diary of a Fuckdoll, you can find them:

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

I just got done reading these three parts of the Diary of a Fuckdoll series. It’s safe to say that I really enjoying the series so far, and only hope that it continues on for even longer. At this time there are 5 total parts, and 4 & 5 are next on my list to read because I don’t think I can stop right here.

There is a depth that is getting increasingly more enjoyable to the characters and the story itself. I find that a good amount of the erotica short stories lack good character development. It’s true that this is a series and can work off the parts before it, but even in part one I was able to detect that there was something different to A. Violet End’s work.

If you’re a reader who wants something sexy to read, something a bit dark, and something with sex, this might be a series to check out. I think I hear parts 4 and 5 calling my name.


If you’d like to get the bundle of parts 1-3:
Amazon | Smashwords | B&N


About the Author:

A. Violet End is a professional writer and classy lady with a perverted imagination. She likes fairy tales. She likes twisting things to her satisfaction. Enjoy her take on the Grimm Brothers’ European folklore, would you? If that’s not your thing, then try her billionaire sicko boyfriend fantasy series, The Billionaire Who… for the story of a naughty rich guy and the flight attendant he has his way with, over and over again. Good clean fun, right?

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