Cover/Title Reveal: The Billionaire Who… by A. Violet End


A leggy blonde flight attendant, Lisa gets plenty of offers from wealthy men, but the one she keeps refusing just won’t take no for an answer. Lisa doesn’t know how she keeps getting into these messes, but when it comes to good-looking billionaire Tristan Vargas, rough sex is the drug that seems to wipe away her good sense and land her into his bed, his dungeon, and his possession over and over again. In The Billionaire Who (Diary of a Fuckdoll) series parts 1-3, Tristan bones her, owns her, and stones her before she eventually decides to break away from him forever.

In Part 4, Lisa plans to fool Tristan, but the joke’s on her when she lands in a jail cell with her skeezy step-brother and his buddies. The last person Lisa wants to call on for help becomes her only hope for rescue, as the rough group sex she endures makes Tristan look like a knight in comparison. Tristan may turn rescuer, but will it be enough to make Lisa fall for him, forever? The Billionaire Who Phoned Me ends with yet another cliff-hanger.

HE BILLIONAIRE WHO CLONED ME, Diary of a Fuckdoll part 5. 


Part 5: The Billionaire Who Cloned Me can be found on:

Amazon | Smashwords


If you would like to start The Billionaire Who… series, you find them here:

Part 5: The Billionaire Who Cloned Me

Amazon | Smashwords

The best place to check for updates/buy links is: A Violet End’s Tumblr and Vi’s facebook profile.

A Violet End has more books to download to your Kindle, Nook, or other ereader. Her work is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Sony, iTunes, Kobo, Smashwords, and more. Tales we once knew given a delicious twist.

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