Review: Memoirs of a Gigolo, Volume Three by Livia Ellis

Title: Memoirs of a Gigolo – Volume Threememoirs 3
Author: Livia Ellis
Rating: 5/5 Stars

“Oliver’s journey into the parallel world of top-shelf escorting has begun. Volume Three picks up where Volume Two ended. Oliver has entered the arena, and like a gladiator ready to face his first adversary, he heads to meet his first high-profile high-paying client. After an ideal entry into the business, he meets his most unorthodox client, draws a line he will not cross, then meets his first female client.” (descriptions from Amazon)


This is volume three of the Memoirs of a Gigolo serial and it’s obvious that I’ve been enjoying it so far…because I’ve gotten this far. With 4 stories (vol 1-3 and the Halloween special) under my belt I can honestly say, I think I’ll be around for the long haul of Memoirs of a Gigolo. Each volume seems to get better and better.

I didn’t think a series of erotic shorts could keep me entertained for very long, but Ellis’ writing has proven me wrong. The way this story is written continues to solidify my opinion that this is more of a literary erotica than raunchy smut. There’s nothing wrong with smut either, but I continue to be drawn in to the unfolding plot, the complexities of the characters, and how the sexual episodes don’t feel forced, rushed, or unoriginal.

I also have to point out that I’m very eager to continue on to Volume Four. The way each of these installments ends somehow doesn’t bother me. They are somewhat cliffhanger endings, but since this is a serial, that’s the only natural way to “wrap it up.” Each book is a series of chapters that’ll fit right after the last one and I guess that’s the mark of a great book (when it’s complete). It’ll keep readers going and going until the book’s finished.


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You can purchase Volume three from Amazon

And if you’d like to grab all of these stories in one ebook you can find it:
Amazon | B&N | Smashwords


About Livia Ellis

Were I to write a personal ad about myself it would read as follows:

Blond. Blue. 5’6”. A lady never discloses her weight, but I’ve never had any complaints. I only run if I’m being chased by a gun wielding maniac, but I do love yoga. Bit of a shoe hound. Have had issues passing up handbags. Trying to learn to play the Irish harp. Enjoy both theater and concerts. Love to read fantasy and science fiction. Am not ashamed to admit I adore Star Trek. Have a picture of myself (dressed as a nun) and the late Patrick Swayze (dressed as a medieval warrior) in a frame (Yes – I did cry when he died). Perpetual student with advanced degrees that are mostly useless when seeking job opportunities outside academia. Vivid imagination. Sexually adventurous only on paper. I never know what to say when people end a conversation with ‘god bless’. Occasionally play the lottery – but generally only when I’m feeling really poor. Love to travel. Fluent French speaker. Seeks readers whom enjoy what I write.

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