Review – Tales From A New Amsterdam: The Legend by Hunter S. Jones

Title – Tales From A New Amsterdam: The LegendTales From A New Amsterdam
Author – Hunter S. Jones
Rating – 3/5 Stars

“Love and Cherokee magic combine in a 1980s Heavy Metal world to manifest an unexpected surprise for two star crossed lovers. Mature content warning.” (description from Goodreads)


It didn’t hate this short story, but I didn’t really come close to enjoying it fully. It’s short and I was waiting for something to happen in it.

I was a little disappointed, mainly, due to the lack of a clear conflict. There was obvious potential for conflict to those reading it. I can count at least two conflicts that could have been brought forth and could have added to the story. There’s potential here, I’ll say that.

Basically, the story was going somewhere, there was forward movement which all stories need, but it was too easy to get to the end point that was very obvious to predict. Suzie is Cherokee, but it was just thrown into the story as if the reader should have known. “Cherokee magic” is mentioned in the short description, but when reading the story BAM she is part Cherokee, with a spell book and all. I’m pointing this out because I feel that the reader doesn’t get to know the character enough. This goes for other characters as we. There is a lot of telling rather than showing of details.

Let it be known that, according to the title page this is “First in a Series of Vignettes.” Yet, that’s the only mention of it, so I went into this a little blind because I skipped over that mention the first time. I’m intrigued enough from the absurd twist ending to possibly check out the second installment because I really don’t know how the twist fits into this story at all. I almost can’t not give it a chance.

Although I have some issues with this story, this was a free read (at the time of this review). I wouldn’t discourage anyone from trying it out themselves. Who knows, it might just be your cup of tea 🙂


You can grab your copy of this book over on Amazon


About the Author:

I live in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. I write books and stories. There is nothing you will ever know or learn about me as interesting as the art form I create.

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