Review: The Night Walk Men, by Jason McIntryre

Title: The Night Walk MenThe Night Walk Men
Author: Jason McIntyre
Rating: 5/5 Stars

“Three-year old Gabriela plays with her twin brother on a train platform. Blind sax man, Braille the Rail, meets with an old, old friend. The earth rumbles beneath them all: the promise of an approaching locomotive. Now, two mysterious strangers, both of them acting in the interest of an otherworldly sense of duty, will decide their fate over a cup of tea.” (description from Amazon)


The Night Walk Men was able to hook me in, in one of the strangest ways a book can. It’s a novella written for the most part in the 2nd person point of view. This is a MAJOR turn off for me. I don’t like being talked at from what I’m reading. But this style works very well for how McIntyre is setting up the story. When some authors will just have a narrator that said you a lot and doesn’t actually include the reader in the story, the narrator of The Night Walk Men interacts with the reader. It may not be a reaction to exactly what the reader is thinking, but when that happens it made me think about things again. It brought attention to make things.

Getting me hooked on a novella in this POV is a feat in itself. The subject matter was another great element. The world build in this novella was interesting to say the least. The mythology of these Night Walk Men puts the world and how it works into a new perspective. It’s not just an entertaining read. The literary element of this novella pushes it passed the realm f pure entertainment.

I’ve read Kro, a short story that is set in the same world as The Night Walk Men, and I’ve enjoyed that one as well. Where that story grabbed me in more of a “what’s this all about” way, this novella answered my questions from Kro while weaving its own intriguing story and then making me want to continue finding out more about the story line to come.

There is a new novel out, that The Night Walk Men and Kro are both connected to, called The Devil’s Right Hand. There’s no doubt in my mind that I will be reading that one. McIntyre has grabbed me as a fan.


What’s so great about this novella? Well it’s FREE!!! The author has this title as well as Kro Dark That Day, After All.

The Night Walk Men

Amazon | B&N| Smashwords



Amazon | B&NSmashwords

Dark The Day, After All

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Road Makers



And if you’d like to check out the first Night Walk Men novel, you can find it here

The Devil’s Right Hand

Amazon | Smashwords


About McIntyre:

JASON MCINTYRE is the #1 Kindle Suspense author of THE NIGHT WALK MEN, bestsellers ON THE GATHERING STORM and SHED, plus his latest: the multi-layered literary suspense THALO BLUE. His short fiction has appeared in numerous magazines and won several awards.

His debut novel ON THE GATHERING STORM is cited by readers as an ‘uncomfortably thrilling’ read and earned McIntyre a spot in the Top 20 Debut Authors for the Goodreads Choice Awards.

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