Review: Gideon’s Corpse, By Preston & Child

Title: Gideon’s CorpseGideon's Corpse
Authors: Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child
Rating: 5/5 Stars

“A top nuclear scientist goes mad and takes an innocent family hostage at gunpoint, killing one and causing a massive standoff. 

A plume of radiation above New York City leads to a warehouse where, it seems, a powerful nuclear bomb was assembled just hours before.

Sifting through the evidence, authorities determine that the unthinkable is about to happen: in ten days, a major American city will be vaporized by a terrorist attack.

Ten days. And Gideon Crew, tracking the mysterious terrorist cell from the suburbs of New York to the mountains of New Mexico, learns the end may be something worse–far worse–than mere Armageddon.” (description from Goodreads)


Gideon’s Corpse is the second book in Preston/Child’s Gideon Crew series. I read Gideon’s Sword (the first book in the series) late last year and was blown away by it. I was happy to finally get my hands on a copy of this book, so I could continue following along with Gideon’s story.

This book had everything I expected and more, based on my enjoyment of book one. There was action, many moments of disbelief, unexpected twists. You name it, Gideon’s Corpse had it. Preston & Child proved that once again they are some of the greatest writers in the genre.

I was already a fan of Gideon’s character from the first book, but I think by the end of book two that I really grew to appreciate just how bad ass he is. He’s a nuclear physicist, former art thief, master of disguise, and on top of all this he has gained some friends in high places. He’s not a trained James Bond type special agent. Gideon is closer to the average man than many “heroes” character’s I’ve read…keep in mind the average man doesn’t have his brains or experience in certain areas, but he is still believable and likable. He’s not over the top “I can get out of any situation because I’m perfect either.” I also enjoyed having Special Agent, Stone Fordyce along for the ride. This FBI agent surprised me many times during the book with his actions, both good ones and questionable ones. Together they made a great team.

I could go on and one about the twists and turns the plot took, but I’d just be giving everything away. I’ll say that it was well done in that it kept moving along at a great pace that wasn’t too fast and wasn’t too slow. It also wasn’t predictable for the most part. Obviously there won’t always be parts that come out of nowhere, but the real shockers, were just that. They really shocked me, and made me smile because I was caught off-guard.

If you’re a fan of a great thriller, with believable characters and a plot that barely touches on being impossible in real life, Gideon’s Corpse might be the book for you. Don’t forget to start with Gideon’s Sword though. I’d say that book 1 isn’t necessary to understand everything book 2 has, but I think knowing Gideon more will help with the enjoyment of this book.


For more on the authors:

Douglas Preston

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