Review: Dark Spaces By Dionne Lister

Title: Dark Spaces
Author: Dionne Lister
Rating: 4/5 Stars

“A book of suspenseful short stories and flash fiction that takes you deep into the dark spaces of fear and sadness. Approximately 10,000 words that will have you gripping your e-reader. Come along for the ride.” (description from Goodreads)


I couldn’t wait to start this book once I bought it. I was in need of something fast, yet worth reading, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Dark Spaces is a collection full of very descriptive writing. Many times I was left admiring Lister’s ability to paint a beautiful picture comprised of such dark and disturbing aspects of the human experience. It was this that drew me in to many of these stories.

There were a few tales that didn’t full work for me, yet they were worth reading nonetheless. There isn’t a bad egg in here. Some of my favorites were the opening story “Breathe in Autumn” (great start in my opinion,) “The Presentation,” “Amy,” and “Heart of an Angel” (a glimpse into the workings of the twisted mind of a nurse, and a great ending).

Lister has put together a great group of these short shorts and I’d gladly pick up any collection she comes out with in the future.


You can grab a copy of Dark Spaces from

About Dionne Lister:

Hi, I’m a writer from Sydney.  I’m mid way through an Associate Degree of Creative writing through Southern Cross University.

I love reading, writing and entertaining people with my stories.

I write web copy, articles, suspenseful short stories and my blog posts try to be funny.  I’ve also released an action-packed fantasy/adventure novel.

As my tag on twitter says, “I love sharing my stories but I wish they wouldn’t keep me awake at night.”

I hope you enjoy your visit :)

For more on Dionne:

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