Review: Dark That Day, After All By Jason McIntyre

Title: Dark That Day, After All
Author: Jason McIntyre
Rating: 5/5 Stars

“Excerpted from the anthology BLACK LIGHT OF DAY — by #1 Kindle Suspense author Jason McIntyre comes the story of two old souls connecting under darkening skies.

On this day, as they peer into the heavens together, elderly Jarvis Schloss unburdens his soul to another park dweller as they sit on his favorite park bench. In the tradition of Rod Serling, this eerie tale begins as the two each reflect on the primes of their lives and uncover something even darker than the sky overhead. DARK THAT DAY, AFTER ALL explores our relationship with others, our duty to them, and whether we can expect to trade someone else’s good fortune for our own.” (description from Goodreads)


This is a story taken from McIntrye’s anthology Black Light of Day. I haven’t read the anthology, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be buying it after reading “Dark That Day, After All.”

I enjoyed the set up of this story. Jarvis the main character tells of a defining moment in his life, a hard life. I gained sympathy for him early on. What I wasn’t expecting was a nice and dark twist in the story. By the time I caught the cue for the twist, it was too late; the story turned on its heels, amazing me.

This is a tale of redemption, confession, revenge, and the strange events that a solar eclipse can bring with it.


Today (November 9th, 2012) this story is FREE on Amazon. It’s also free on Smashwords

You can find more books by Jason McIntyre (a few more are free) on Amazon and Smashwords


About McIntyre:

Born on the prairies, Jason McIntyre eventually lived and worked on Vancouver Island where the vibrant characters and vivid surroundings stayed with him and coalesced into what would become his novel, On The Gathering Storm. Before his time as an editor, writer and communications professional, he spent several years as a graphic designer and commercial artist. Jason is the author of more than two dozen short stories, several novellas and full-length fiction.

Currently, Jason is hard at work on a novel series about The Night Walk Men, based on the novelette of the same name.

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4 responses to “Review: Dark That Day, After All By Jason McIntyre

  1. So glad you enjoyed this tale, Robert. I loved The Twilight Zone as a kid and, for me, this kind of story finds its inspiration in some of those tales. Thanks for the excellent review!

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