Cover/Title Reveal For My Poetry Collection

For the duration of this week (November 4th-10th) there will be a cover/title reveal for my poetry collection. I could do the reveal here as well, but I think that’d spoil the fun. Instead I have enlisted an army of around 30 volunteer bloggers, authors, and random people I found on the street (just kidding about that, my town has dirt roads and no streets…not even a traffic light) to help spread the word.

Since I’m not going to show you the cover of my collection OR tell you the title of it, I’ll appease those who are curious with some of my work instead, and a little bit about what’s going on.

Here’s some of my work: SOME OF MY WORK

I’ve been working on this set of poems for many years. I started seriously writing most of these in my senior year of college; most started out as a collection for my senior creative writing seminar coursy thingy (it wasn’t called that, but that’s basically what it was). From there I took them, polished them, put them away, rewrote some, put them away again, discovered the world of Indie writing, took them out AGAIN…and put hours of hard work into them to produce the collection I hope to have in your hands (ereaders at least for now) by the end of the month, if not sooner.

The main theme you’ll see in the collection deals with family. Broken homes, loss, recovering and finding oneself through it all. It’s been a struggle to get the words out, but through doing so the process has been a good therapy for me. I was younger when most of these memories took place. It’s been at least ten years for some of it; not so many for other things. Over time things are forgotten, pushed deep into the back of the mind, or twisted and mashed up with the imagination when trying to bring them forth. Keep that in mind when reading my collection, please. It’s how I’ve recalled things, but reality is always different from the world inside your head.

When I was studying poetry in college, one of the best pieces of advice my favorite professor told us was that the writer/poet doesn’t need to explain his work to the reader. The work speaks for itself and explaining it takes away from that. This is part of the reason I never liked analyzing works, especially poetry. I take it for face value most of the time, I like it or  I don’t and I don’t place background info on the writer into it, I don’t ask the writer why they did such-and-such a thing. It’s what it is. My work is what it is. I only hope that it speaks strongly for itself and that you will enjoy it in the end.

From where I stand…my poetry is whatever the reader wants it to be. There are very personal things in each and every one of them. It’s me opening up about events in my life from how I see them; from where I stood during then; my point of view from the past and from now in the present.

Please read them. Please enjoy (not dislike) them. This collection is a period of my life on display, and I welcome you all to view it from where I stand.

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