Authors We Love, Part XXXIII: Short, Sweet, And To The Point

fancy lineresizeI decided to change things up for this week. As it stands now, there hasn’t been very much in the way of guest posts for my Authors We Love series. So first I’d like to say: If you would like to write a guest post for AWL, please do. Email it to me whenever you can, preferably before any Sunday evening so I can put the post together for Monday at Midnight. All I ask is that you read a few AWL posts from the past to see what I’m looking for. It’s not much that’s required, and remember to have fun writing it.

This week’s post is going to be different than the rest. I didn’t have a guest for this week so I put a call in on Twitter and Facebook to anyone interesting in doing a quick AWL post. I asked that all the guest does is tell me which author he or she loves, why the author is loved, and a book they should be read from the author. I had a good amount of input for this post. I think it’s good to get to the point some times. Here are a few of my friends and followers who felt like sharing an author they loved. Please enjoy and check out the book recommendations 🙂

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Adriane Tait-Boyd – Definitely Amy Bartol. Her books are amazing and truly well thought out. Both the character and plot development are flawless, and each book leaves you longing for more. You absolutely cannot go wrong reading the first three books of her Premonition series.

Cinta Garcia de la Rosa  One of the authors that I love is Isabel Allende, mainly because I love magical realism. Don’t miss the beauty of her words. Read The House of Spirits and check by yourself.

Sandra Gluschankoff – Kate Morton. Beautiful writing, incredible characters. The House At Riverton, her first novel

Rob Kristofferson –  Karl Pfeiffer is an author I love. A new, young, fantastic talent with great prose and plot. #Hallowtide is highly recommended.

Noree Cosper – Tim Powers: The symbolism and world building he puts into his work is amazing. I would recommend Last Call.

S.M. Boyce –  Nikki Jefford because she is both talented and supportive. Her stories are fun and sexy, and she’s always a riot when I talk to her. I suggest her debut, Entangled.

Dionne Lister – Ok, I’d like to say Donna Cavanagh who writes hilarious humour that I love. She is down to earth, gets her books edited and never disappoints. This is a link to one of her books Try and Avoid the Speed Bumps.
Holly Maglieri – Colleen Hoover. She has an amazing way of bringing her characters and story to life, her book Slammed changed my world w/just one sentence.
Stephenie Risner Thomas – Read Insanity by Lauren Hammond I was completely floored by the mind trip of the book. Her writing style is beautiful and the twists and turns you just will not expect. You will definitely not be disappointed.

Rachel Walter – Shannon Dermott, the author of the Cambion Series. Beg For Mercy, Waiting For Mercy and soon to come Angel Of Mercy. These books are fantastic, they have action, drama, sarcasm, hot guys and danger. What more can you ask for? The books follow Mercy in figuring out just who she really is and the gorgeous hunks that surround her. Team Flynn, just saying.

Ben Ditmars – Amber Norrgard, poet and author of one of my favorite short story collections, Allegory of Dusk. I love the intensity and truth in her words.

Brittni Guillen – Okay I just discovered this author and her first books was amazing it’s Baptism of Fire by Stephanie Constante and it has dragons in it and I dont want to say much cause of spoilers so just check it out!!

Tess Watson – For me this changes about everyday because I love so many authors, but today I LOVE Chelsea Cameron! If you’ve ever talked to her on twitter (@chel_c_cam), you’d see that she is SUPER sweet! Also she just released My Favorite Mistake which is one of my favorite books EVER!


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