My Presents To You – 40 FREE Ebooks!!!

It’s my BIRTHDAY today!!!! Because so many of the people who follow me here, on Twitter, on Facebook, have gifted me some GREAT ebooks…I’d like to give back to everyone. I’ve compiled a list of ebooks that are currently FREE. Most will be from Amazon, and maybe a few from Smashwords. (Sorry I just don’t deal with the hassle that is B&N if I can help it.) I hope you find some great books here, I’ll try to get a variety going. And if you have a free book that you’d like to share, please leave a comment with the link!

*disclaimer: I have no read all, or even most of these books. But I do feel that they have the potential to be good reads 🙂 I’ve bought most of these myself, as well. And to find more, I make it a habit to look in the “customers also bought” are on Amazon. I tend to find even more freebies there. Also, I don’t know how long some of these will be free for. They are free at the time this was posted.


The Informant (Charity Parkerson)

Conner (Miranda Stork)

Zombie’s Honor (Dane Hatchell)

Entangled (Nikki Jefford)

Real Lies (Liana Brooks)

Darkhouse (Karina Halle)

The Benson (Karina Halle)

David (Amber Jerome~Norrgard)

James (Amber Jerome~Norrgard)

Jeffrey (Amber Jerome~Norrgard)

Meant to Be (Tiffany King)

Death Whispers (Tamara Rose Blodgett)

The Pearl Savage (Tamara Rose Blodgett)

The Rabbit’s Foot (Bon Rose)

The Old Caboose (Bon Rose)

Old Jacob (Bon Rose)

The Old Jack in the Box (Bon Rose)

Bannockburn Binding (Tracy Cooper-Posey)

Madly (M. Leighton)

Save My Soul (K.S. Haigwood)

Hollowland (Amanda Hocking)

Death’s Avatar (SM Reine)

The 19 Dragons (SM Reine)

Touching the Clouds (Bonnie Leon)

The Chupacabra (Dallas Turner)

Blood Orchids (Toby Neal)

Waking Apollo (Rob Gullette)

Love Me (Liz Appel)

Inhale (Kendall Grey)

Dreams Unleashed (Linda Hawley)

Season of the Harvest (Michael R. Hicks)

No Shelter (T.S. Welti)

In the Land of the  Blind (Robert Swartwood)

Blackburn Borrow Issue #1 (Ron Marz and Matthew Dow Smith)

Blackburn Borrow Issue #2 (Ron Marz and Matthew Dow Smith)

For Keeps (Chautona Havig)

Cowgirls & Vampires (Tim O’Rourke)

Dragon Poems for 2012 (ed. M.R. Mathias & L.M. Stull)

Swim (Jennifer Weiner)

Empire of Light (Gregory Earls)

When Cthulhu Met Atlach Nacha (Alan Ryker)

My Package of Paradise (Melissa Craig)

Hunger (Linzé Brandon)

Silver Mortal (Jenna Kay)

13 responses to “My Presents To You – 40 FREE Ebooks!!!

  1. Why?? Why are you doing this to me, Rob?? Now I have to get them all!! No, I am not talking about the Pokemon…. LOL Just joking. Have a wonderful birthday!! And thanks for this lovely present 😀

    • Yep, go catch those Pokemon…and bring me back a Charizard!!! Haha.

      And you can always just not look at a post full of free books, not that that is possible 😛 Hope you find something good in here and thanks for the bday wishes!

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