Authors We Love, Part XXX: Jeffrey Bolden On Kevin “Kevo” Agregbe


There’s an unmistakable line between what is real and what is not, but that line often times seems to blur because at times something so real to you can be fantasy to someone else and so forth. I’ve been reading this book, “Reality Is Wrong,” by Kevin Agregbe, and I’ve been learning about myself in the process. Born in 1987 like me, he has witnessed and been through tragedy like myself, so I found myself relating to this author, but that isn’t the reason I love this author.

“Reality Is Wrong” is empowering on so many different levels because the book itself teaches to think for yourself and in some ways teaches you to love and find yourself. You see, reality as he describes is not really real at all. Reality as he sees it is how the world sees itself and not necessarily how an individual may see it. In this book, Kevin, excuse me for my informal usage of his first name, teaches you to really examine the way you think, the way you love, and the way you dream. His philosophy is also mine, enhancing my vision just as I feel it could enhance many other individual’s individual visions.

In this book, he gives his views on religion, life, and love, not in an effort to show you how, but to discover for yourself, how, or at least put you on the path. So instead of talking about the contents of the book, I’ll simply tell you how it changed me. First of all, I’ve never even heard of Vedic mathematics until I read this book, and upon applying some basic rules, I discovered my hatred for math was not because it was too difficult for me, but the teaching itself was made difficult for me. This is the essence of “Reality Is Wrong,” and this is why I love this book and I love this author. Up and coming but I can already feel him changing lives just as he had changed mine. You see I used to think the bad thoughts that plagued my mind were simply my curse that I could never send away, until he made me realize through this book that these were my thoughts. In a quote, he said, “The only in your mind is you”. There is so much to learn about life in general just by reading this book from a person who is living and breathing the words he has written. Kevin “Kevo” Agregbe may not be known by the masses and may never be known simply because he tells the full honest truth, and I can honestly see people being afraid of that truth. But like the storyline in Fahrenheit 491, isn’t more interesting to rebel against the status quo, think for yourself, decide for yourself what is appropriate to read? Doesn’t reading what is dangerous knowledge make life more fruitful feeling as though you know something others don’t? Had you been in the Garden Of Eden, would you have tasted the Forbidden Fruit? Maybe you should get taste of “Reality Is Wrong” and see what exactly reality doesn’t want you to see. You can find this book on and believe me, you will find not only this story but the author’s story more than interesting.


About Jeffrey Bolden:

Jeffrey Bolden in so many words is a quintessential artist. Having been drawing for nearly twenty years and writing for a little over a decade, the development of his artistic talents has allowed him to rapidly advance in his skills. Almost publishing his first book at eighteen in which he started writing at sixteen, Jeffrey already has two published books, Smokin’ Hydrophonic and Book Of Soul, won countless awards for his writings, and acknowledged by peers as the most determined young author they have ever known (not to say they’ve known many.) But the thing about Jeffrey Bolden is that he’d rather let his skills speak for themselves. You can check out his latest book, Book Of Soul, as well as some new stuff he posts daily on his personal Tumblr page, so you can guage for yourself the skill set of this remarkable twenty-four year old man.

Find more on Jeffrey:

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