Authors We Love, Part XXIX: The Reason I Love Indies….S.M. Boyce


Today’s Authors We Love post is long overdue. It’s not overdue in the sense that I’m posting this a day late or anything. It’s overdue because the author I’ll be discussing deserves to have had a post many months ago.

S.M. Boyce, or The S.M. Boyce as I like to think of her because of her Twitter handle and importance the importance the “The” gives, is one of the reasons I let myself get caught up in the Indie publishing scene. Back in the beginning of the year was when I took my first step into the Indie waters. It’s also when I found S.M. Boyce on Twitter, where I started finding other authors, as well. One of the things that made me take notice of her was how down to Earth and interactive she was with fans. I hadn’t read her book, Lichgates, at the time, but what I saw being said about it made me want to read it.  Then I found out that she offers the first chapter to read for FREE on her website. Even before I finished that chapter, I knew I NEEDED to read Lichgates.

Through her Twitter hangman games (a game I’m a God at…no lie, ask anyone 😉 ) I won a copy of her book. I devoured the book. I reviewed the book. And even after that I couldn’t stop talking about the book. The Grimoire: Lichgates is one of the best books I’ve read ever, by any author Indie or non-Indie. Don’t let the YA label fool you. Lichgates is great for young adults and adults. Don’t let the fantasy aspect make you shy away either. I feel it is a great book to ease any reader into the fantasy genre.

The world of Ourea that Boyce has created is one of the most beautiful places I’ve traveled to in a book. It’s both beautiful and deadly all at once, but I can’t help but want to go back there in the second and third book of the trilogy. Luckily for me, and all her other fans, the wait in almost over. Treason, book 2 of the trilogy, is set to release to the masses a day after my birthday, October 27th. I can’t think of any better day to get my hands on a copy. The continuing journey of the new Vagabond, Kara Magari , has been one of the few things I’ve been wanting since February of this year.

But back to the author herself. I can praise her writing all day and then some. She’s more than the writing though. As I mentioned above, she interacts with her fans. This is one of the best qualities an author can have. It’s inviting to know that after you read a book, you can actually discuss it with the author. Aside from discussing her book, I’ve been able to discuss other books that we’ve both read or want to read. She’s also most than willing to set up some great giveaways for her fans. Have I mentioned the swag she’s come up with for the trilogy? It’s some of the best swag I’ve seen so far. I’ve gotten wristbands, bookmarks (that are more works of art, hanging on my wall), tattoos. But I think the best piece of the Grimoire that Boyce has created is The Grimoire Pendant. It’s a replica of the pendant that Kara, and Boyce herself, wears around her neck to contain the Grimoire for safe keeping.

Another thing to mention about this great author is something not mentioned enough in my opinion about many authors. S.M. Boyce takes a lot of pride in her work. As you can see it’s been quite a few many months since the release of Lichgates. Almost a year to be exact. Boyce takes her time to make a book as perfect as it can be before releasing it to the world. Nothing is rushed. Details are thoroughly gone over. Editing is done again and again until the product is ready to be read. In the indie publishing world I’ve seen that they are many authors publishing book after book, month after month. I’m not saying that it’s not possible to write a perfect book in a few month’s time. But more often than not, I’ve seen many errors in books that could have been avoided if more time were given to detail. I’m a fan as a reader of quality over quantity. I’m pleased with the lengths and effort that goes into this author’s book, and future books.

Are you tired of my rant about S.M. Boyce? I’m not, but I’ll spare you your sanity. What I’d like my readers to get out of this, is that Boyce is an author that I don’t only love as an author, but I also admire her for inspiring me to jump into Indie publishing as a reader AND soon to be poet. If I hadn’t come across Lichgates (and a few other great books from authors) I might still be reading traditionally published books only, and I’d have missed out on a large amount of great books and great new friends as well. (No offense to traditionally published authors, I love you all as well.)


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